10 Ways to Cover Up a Murder

This guest post is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. We feature this material to help people become aware of how criminals hide their tracks. Modify your behavior so you don’t become an easy victim. In no way, shape, or form does Step By Step Directions condone illegal activity!

Every wonder why certain murders never get solved?  It is not because the police or detective officers are not competent. It is not because people don’t care. There are certain factors that come into play that make detection harder in some cases. This post from Top Criminal Justice Schools show 10 factors, taken from FBI statistics, why these murder cases are harder to solve.

Still, even if forensic factors and the killers’ own behavior make a murder almost “perfect”, it only takes ONE witness to step up and do the right thing and report what they saw. Read the infographic below and understand that if YOU don’t want your murderer to escape justice, make sure to STEP OUT and do your duty as a responsible citizen. You would want others to do the same thing for you or the ones you love.

From: Top Criminal Justice Schools

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