4 Tips for Making a Positive Impression in Front of a Judge

If you have just been arrested, you likely have many anxious feelings surrounding what has happened and what you can expect when you appear in court. Judges are intimidating, whether you are guilty or not, and can make court appearances feel overwhelming and cause anxiety. At the same time, however, appearing in court requires you to look calm and collected and to maintain your composure at all times. This can be difficult if you are uncertain about what to expect.

After an arrest, here are a few ways you can prepare yourself to appear in a good light in front of the judge.

  1. Get out on bail – The first thing you will want to do is to get back to your normal life, which is not behind bars. Have a family member talk to a bondsman and pay to get you out of jail so you can continue work and live your daily life. Some companies, such as Expert Bail, have a nationwide database of bondsmen who can help your family member in this situation. Once out, you will be able to relax a little, making it easier to appear calm and collected at your eventual court hearing.
  2. Always address the judge appropriately – Judges are high-ranking officials and have a lot of power over how your trial will be run. This position is one to be respected, as they uphold the law. Once in court, if you ever address the judge directly, always refer to them as “Your Honor.” This title is a meaningful one and shows your deference to the position that you are in, which can go a long way in the court of law.
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  4. Dress the part – Your attire says a lot about how much you respect the court and the judge. When appearing before officials, it is always a good idea to make a positive first impression by wearing appropriate attire, covering up any potentially offensive tattoos and removing any inappropriate jewelry.
  5. Be conscious of your facial expressions – As you speak with the judge, they will want to know that you are competent to stand trial and that you can maintain your composure in the courtroom and on the street. Always be aware of the facial expressions you are making and how the judge might interpret them.

As you prepare for your court date, do what you can to calm your nerves and groom yourself well to leave the judge with a positive impression.

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