Warning Signs That Your Kid is Doing Drugs

Raising kids is a really rewarding part of life, but it isn’t always easy. One things that many parents face at some point or another is their kids experimenting with drugs. If you are wondering whether or not your kids are doing drugs, here are 3 warning signs to watch for:

  1. Poor performance in school- Among the first signs that your kid is doing drugs is that their performance in school will decrease. If you notice that their grades are starting to slip, that they are skipping class, or that they are lacking interest in their school work in general, then there is a good chance that they are doing drugs. Talk to them about their grades and see if something else is bothering them before assume that they are doing drugs.
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  3. Extra incense or perfume- One thing that kids will do to try and hide the fact that they are using drugs is they will use lots of deodorant or perfume to cover the smell of the smoke. If you find that they are using lots of incense in their room it could be a sign that they are trying to hide the smell of drug use or smoke. Also if they are spraying themselves with heavy deodorant it could be to hide the smell of this smoke on their clothes. The first thing you should do is ask them about the extra incense and then if you feel like they aren’t being honest you can try and catch them using the drugs or try and find the drugs on their person. You may also notice that they have eye drops on them and use them frequently so that they can get rid of any irritation or redness that can occur with drug use.
  4. Stealing money- If you notice that your kids are borrowing more money from you lately, or you suspect that they may be taking money from you then there is a chance that they could be on drugs. Most kids in high school are too young to get a job, or don’t have any desire to get a job. This means that they won’t have their own income and could turn to your income to get the things that they want. If they are addicted to or using drugs heavily then there is a chance that they are borrowing your money to pay for them. You should set some money out, or take note of how much money you have in your wallet and then check back to see if all the money is still there later on. If there is money missing and you know that no one else has taken it then you should confront your kids and ask them if they are taking it. If they won’t admit to the crime, then you could try and catch them in the act so that they have no excuses.

Penalties for drug use, possession, or distribution can carry very serious punishments. If you are suspicious that your child may be using drugs, it is best to confront them about it quickly so that you can begin correcting the problem.

Micah is a freelance author for drug defense attorney, Charlie Naegle. Charlie helps youth and adults facing drug charges to get a second chance in life.

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