Prepping Up Your Kid for Preschool

Prepping Up Your Kid for Preschool

If it is your first time to send a child to preschool, you are probably more nervous than your son or daughter is. During the first few years of your child’s life, his or her environment is pretty much confined to your home, the playground, the park or a relative’s house for when you come over for play dates. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but what if it’s time for your kid to be sent to preschool? Your daughter may have separation anxiety and would not want to be parted from you. Or, your son might not appreciate the company of other kids who are the same age, and this might lead to eventual trouble.

The good news is that as a parent, there are many ways for you to prepare your child for a life in preschool. As you may already know, this serves as a preparatory stage for your kid to make that transition between being always at home, to being in an informal daycare or classroom environment. Suitable for kids between the ages of two and five, it’s entirely up to you to decide as parents whether or not your kid is ready for this stage of early schooling.

Ways for Parents to Prepare their Child for Preschool

Let’s say that you have already decided that your kid will be able to cope with the challenges of being in an informal preschool classroom. To make the transition even easier for both you and your child, here are a few ways for you to prepare them for preschool:

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  • Setup a visit to the school and classroom before enrolling your child in it.

Which preschool are you eyeing for your son or daughter? Before enrolling your kid in it, make sure to pay it a visit first. You can visit it alone initially, and bring your child the next time so that you can both see what the environment is like. Preschool teachers should be more than happy to give you a tour of the premises so that you can see for yourself whether their facilities are what you are looking for.

  • Prior to the first day of class, tell your child what kind of environment to expect.

Again, remember that your child will only be used to the environment that you have at home. If you stick a toddler in a social situation where she has to mingle with other kids, how do you think she will cope? To set her expectations, talk about what a classroom environment is like so that she will not feel intimidated during the first day of school.

  • Get your child to leave the familiar environment of your home.

To make your child more comfortable in leaving the familiarity of your home, schedule a sleepover or a play date with cousins of the same age. This will allow your child to adjust beautifully to an entirely new environment which is inside the classroom, once preschool officially starts.

  • Ask the preschool teacher if there are books and activities which you can practice with at home.

You can also ask the teacher if there are any books or written activities that you can use to practice with at home. By following these tips, you can prepare your kid for preschool and get him or her to easily adjust to the thrilling experience of being in a classroom environment.

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