Keeping a Journal as Your Kid and Dog Grow

As Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” The unpredictable things happen in your life, especially when you have children and animals as a part of it, that can keep you rolling hysterically; and for these reasons, alone you should really consider journaling the crazy things that happen in your household for your benefit and your lovable children once they age.

Why Journal
Journaling is a way to remember life they way it was, in its simplest and purest form. Before time has a chance to lay a layer of fuzziness on your memory, make sure you jot down the special instances that make you smile, laugh aloud and even shed a tear. You will be thankful that you captured that memory, as will your child, and even their future children. Everyone likes to relish in how they once were as children, and there is nothing better than to remember great times with a first friend, the family dog.

Hard Copies versus the Digital Era
There are plenty of ways to journal, you can go old school with a notebook and pen or jump into the digital age with a blog specifically dedicated to your child and pup. Both are great options and really just depend upon your comfort level and preference. The nice thing about creating a blog-journal is that it will forever live on the internet and has no chance of being ruined in a natural disaster like a flood, fire or devastating storm. Also, with so many digital cameras and video options (many of them built right into our phones) this is a very easy and fast way to keep up with your journal. However, you may find it relaxing and more personal to sit down and hand-write out your thoughts and captions of the day’s encounters. You can just as easily, well not quite as easily but…, print out photos and attach them to your journal. A hand written journal also feels more tangible and is something that can be passed on for generations.

A Forever Keepsake
Whichever method you choose, the journal should be sincere and from your perspective to pass on your true thoughts and emotions as you capture the special bond between your dog and child. Pets are usually a child’s first and favorite friend, unfortunately that relationship will not last a lifetime for the child. Taking the time to capture those sweet moments and connections will mean the world to your child – it can also serve as a good way to help your child overcome the loss they will feel once they have to say goodbye to their furry best friend. A journal of their time together will your help child relish in the good times and remember how happy they felt, and how lucky they are to have spent the time they spent with their dog.


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Journaling Tips
As you begin this wonderful process of capturing your two loves in action, never put off an entry of an outstanding day – it is too easy to forget and soon you will be at a loss for what you really wanted to say. Keep your journal at an easy access, whether it is your Blogspot or your hardback – you never know when opportunity will strike!

Susan Wright DMV is a dog expert and a vet. Susan writes articles featuring tips to create lasting memories with your dogs

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