What to Do if Your Child is a Victim of Bullying

Bullying is something that almost every child faces sooner or later. As a parent, there are things that you can do for your children to alleviate the stress of it. Knowing what to do can really help children, no matter where they are in life or on the earth. Here’s what you should know.

Tell Someone
Even if you know about it, nothing is likely being done. While parents think that teachers and administrators as well as other adults should be doing something, it’s sort of hard to do. The problem is that many kids don’t tell the teacher or whoever is in charge. They keep dealing with this, thinking that if they tell on them, then they are going to get in trouble or it would be wrong. Be vocal and speak out.

How Do You Feel?
Many kids pick on one another, but don’t know that what they are doing is actually hurting the other person. When your child tells you that so and so is doing this or that, you might ask if they have told the person who is bullying about how they feel. Sometimes, the child doing the bullying might have a bit of empathy for the person they are picking on.


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Do Unto Others
While other kids are doing the picking, you have to set the example. You have to teach your child that this isn’t the right thing to do. What you might need to do is make sure that children know that they should do unto others as they would want done to them. So, making them think about how they would feel if someone was doing something like that to them can often times be beneficial.

Teach Them
The other thing that you might not know is that when your child is being bullied or is doing the bullying, they might not understand that this is what it is. They might think it’s normal or acceptable. Some think that they have to be silent. There is a stigma that if you tell on a bully, then you are a narc. Teach your kids that it’s okay to stop and to stand up for themselves. Tell them it’s okay to feel hurt by this. However, you need to teach them that there are ways to get past this without getting in fights or getting in trouble. Too many kids nowadays think that it’s okay to resort to physical activity, but this isn’t going to end anything. It will just escalate the problem.

It’s time bullying be put to an end. If you want to know more, look into the It Gets Better campaign, and speak with administrators at your child’s school. Articulate that if something isn’t done, very bad things can happen. If celebrities like Lady Gaga are willing to stand up for your kids, so should you.

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  1. charmz_ff8 says:

    Bullying is the number 1 disease for school children. The one that is being bullied is the poorest so let us check our child of what had happen every after school and that might help them think that we are there for them. We can also make them understand what’s wrong and what’s right; and what to do and no to do.

  2. Lito Pere says:

    I don’t have any first hand experiences regarding this topic,but based from what I see in news reports, it is alarming that kids are acting violently towards other kids. I hope schools can monitor bullying more.

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