Teaching to the Test: Does Standardized Testing Help or Harm Students?

Scholastic standards for students in the U.S. have been meticulously developed over the years. Referred to as standard-based tests, these assessments provide statistical information to see how well our students are being educated and how well our schools and teachers are educating them. Although extensive research and development continues to make these tests a fairly accurate assessment of the nation’s students’ academic abilities, then can also be a detriment in giving students the educational opportunities they deserve. Our schools’ educational programs mainly focus on passing these standard-based assessments, to help schools rank among the nation’s educational programs.

The continued focus on passing these standard-based scholastics tests have made educators and even students go to extremes to reach to getting in the top percentile. Colleges and employers also emphasize on the results of these standard-based assessments. How do these standard-based “tests” effect your community and how teachers utilize this tool?

From: Best Masters In Education


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