How to Deal with Your Child’s Inappropriate Behaviour

Kids are the most beautiful things on the earth. Their mischievousness always brings smiles, and pleases everyone. On the other hand, raising children demands special care, as they are not the quickest of learners. Furthermore, the habits they develop in this small age will last them for years. As any parent knows, there are going to be many occasions when kids show inappropriate behavior, but at those moments, parents should never lose their temper. They must control their nerves. The thing to remember is that children are, after all, children. They are not supposed to act like well-mannered, elderly people all the time!  No single method of child-rearing is effective for all kids. However, some ways to handle problematic behavior and control unpleasant situations are…

Ignore Them

One of the most effective things parents can do is to pay no attention to a misbehaving kid. Every child requires attention, and many do strange things for it. When they realize that their actions are not going to get them noticed, they’ll forget about it!


Most kids understand that they should not repeat mistakes if their parents explain things to them politely. On the contrary, they can develop bad habits if elders start shouting straight away. It is NEVER advisable to show a tough attitude in response to some simple behavioral problem.


Parents are the best people to determine the likes and dislikes of their kids. Therefore, it is very advisable for you to come up with some incentives for your kids to behave well. For instance, if a child loves specific snacks, promise them that you’ll give them what they want, but not if they misbehave.


Always consider the age of the child while reacting in a particular situation. If the child is in between 3 to 5 years of age, then time-out can deliver some positive results. If a child continues their tantrums or other wrong doings, ask them to stand and stay quiet in an isolated corner of the room. This punishment can last for 3 to 5 minutes, but don’t try to extend the duration, as it will be difficult for a child to bear. Furthermore, make sure that any child will remain in your eyes during their punishment (for your benefit and theirs), and the place where (s)he is standing is secure and properly lit.


Always provide maximum respect to your children. Avoid scolding them in front of others, as it will hurt their ego. Kids are very sensitive, and it is wise to explain them things in a one-on-one basis. Bring them to your level. Don’t act like a child when talking to them, treat them like an adult.

Avoid Overreacting

Avoid unnecessary shouting or establishing a fear of a parent in children. These can result in very unhealthy consequences. Would you like it if someone yelled at you? I didn’t think so.


Speak to your kid about bad behaviors when they are in a good mood. For instance, if you like the counting method, then sit them down and say that you will count from one to five next time. This will be a clear signal, and if they will not stop misbehaving, then they will deserve a definite punishment. If they can read, put this on the wall. If more than one kind is necessary, then discuss the various kinds and levels of punishment. Remember, it always works well to give proper time to your child to think, and offer a chance to improve.


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Kids are lovable, and deserve a world of affection, but never compromise on discipline, as it will be good for their development. Do not expect a lot at first though, because it is best to start small. Never try to change your child completely. Simply work on what’s necessary as it arises!

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  1. This is a good article for this would be a great help to parents and most especially to single parents. Every parent should know how to deal with their children to make them a better person someday.But what if you have been so very patient and you don,t scold your child but he still does not seem to listen and always do what he wants?

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