How To Find A Kid Friendly Restaurant When On Vacation

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As Parents you know where the kid friendly restaurants are in your area, but when you travel to an unfamiliar area on vacation, finding a restaurant where both you and your children can have a good time can sometimes be a challenge.

Finding a kid friendly restaurant can for some families make or break a vacation. Most families want a place where the children can feel comfortable and at home, and still offer a nice dinner out for the adults. So, just how do you find a kid friendly restaurant when you are go on vacation?

Do Some Advance Reconnaissance

When making your vacation plans, check out some of the restaurants in the area you will be traveling to online. Many restaurants offer their menu online, and taking a look at the kid’s menu is one way of telling which restaurants are really kid friendly and which ones only tolerate kids. A kid’s menu shouldn’t just offer hamburgers and chicken fingers, but also offer healthy choices for families who have made healthy eating a lifestyle.

You also want to make note of any restaurant that offers children a little something special, whether it is those pancakes with their name written on it, or a coloring sheet and crayons so they can color while their parents finish their dinner. Of course those restaurants that offer kids eat free coupons are always an option.

Look Around At Kid Venues You Visit

If you are visiting a kid’s museum or other kid’s venue take the time to see if there are any poster’s advertising a local kid’s friendly restaurant. Restaurants that welcome children usually want everyone to know about it, and so often put up information about their establishment at Children’s venues because that is where the children are!

Savvy restaurateurs will make sure that they highlight those things that makes their business more kid friendly, such as special meals, free desserts, and activities that children can enjoy while they are at the table. Restaurants that offer things such as “create your own Sundae” bars are always fun for children as they can spend a few minutes on creating their own desserts which they can then enjoy while parents happily finish their meal or have a relaxing cup of coffee.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Suggestions

One of the best ways to discover the best kid friendly restaurants when you are on vacation is to ask the desk clerk at your hotel. Not only are most hotel clerks well versed in the area, their position allows them to overhear comments from guests on those restaurants and venues they most enjoy and they are more than happy to pass this information on to you. More often than not, these helpful hotel staff members can even give you two or three different suggestions so that you won’t be stuck eating at the same place your entire vacation.

Finding the right kid friendly restaurant can add to the pleasure of that vacation spent away from home.

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