How to Deal with Your Children’s Fear of the Dentist

It’s very common for children to fear the dentist. After all, even adults feel some anxiety at even the thought of visiting their dentist’s office. However, their fear should not stop them from getting good dental care, and as a parent, you can do a lot to lessen their fear.

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Choose a Good Family Dental Clinic

If you want your children to feel comfortable around the dentist, then you need to choose a good family dental clinic. Make sure that the dentist is trained to handle children and that he has the proper dental equipment and tools to provide them dental care.

You also have to check out their dental office and make sure that it is child friendly. Does it provide children with a soothing and comfortable environment? Does it have toys, books, etc. to make the waiting period easier and more relaxed for the children? Is the staff friendly and approachable? Furthermore, does the dentist have gentle hands?

Remember, for a dentist to be able to give dental care to your children properly, he should be able to make children feel comfortable and at ease.

Introducing Your Children to What Dental Care Means

It is also just as important that you make your children understand what dental care means. You have to tell them the importance of having a dentist give them oral care, and you also have to explain the procedures to them. If it means playing dentist with them, then do so. You can set up a little dental office in one area of your house and show them what needs to be done. If they want to play the dentist, then let them. It is a good way for them to better understand what goes on in a dental clinic.

Some also say that the best way to reduce fear of dentist is to bring them to one as early as possible, preferably even before any dental problems arise. After all, if your children’s first visit to your family dental clinic is because they have dental problems, then they might develop a negative feeling associated with the dentist and refuse to come back. For this reason, you can set up a “meet and greet” appointment with the dentist. This way, they can get to know their dentist first before the day of the dental procedure. They’ll also be more comfortable at the thought of having someone they know look at their teeth and perform a teeth cleaning, as opposed to having someone they don’t know poking at their teeth.

Things to Bring during the First Dental Visit

On the day of the dental appointment itself, you also need to make your children feel as comfortable as possible. One way of doing this is by letting them bring their favorite toys. Having something they love is a good way of helping them feel more relaxed.

If they want you to be with them inside the dental clinic, then do so. You can even let them sit on your lap as the dentist performs dental care. Of course, you need to ask the dentist’s permission first, but more often than not though, the dentist will honor your request.

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