Five Unique Hobbies For Children To Take Up

It can be quite a stressful job trying to encourage your children to take up a new and exciting hobby. However, why not try to encourage your child to try something completely different. Instead of football practice or dance lessons on a weekend why not take a look below for five fun filled hobbies for children to do.

  1. Figure Skating

    Not only is figure skating fun to do, but  t’s also great for staying in shape whilst burning off all that extra energy children seem to always have. Ice skating also means you can build a range of useful life skills such as co-ordination, balance and rhythm.
  2. Mini Quad Biking
    Mini quad biking may seem a little too extreme for children to take up as a hobby, but in fact mini quad bikes are designed for junior riders to have fun and enjoy. 50cc quad bikes can reach speeds of 25 MPH, which will see your child enjoying the fun of going off-road, just make sure you take them to an off-road site for children.
  3. Rock Climbing
    Rock Climbing is an exhilarating sport which children can do either inside or outside. If your child is new to rock climbing its best to start indoors in a safe and controlled environment where they can learn to belay and do lead climbing whilst being instructed. This sport is great for learning to work in a team, building strength, and to learn new skills which wouldn’t have been touched on before in school.
  4. Sewing
    Taking up the hobby of sewing may not seem as exhilarating as other hobbies for children, but it’s a great life skill which will benefit your child in the long run. Sitting down and learning how to create something new from scratch from your own imagination is a great relaxing hobby for any child. You can also use it as a great parent and child bonding session where you can teach your child a new skill.
  5. Photography

    Photography for children can be exciting and educational at the same time. Let your child explore their artistic side by allowing them to take charge of the camera. After taking a few snap shots you can then get them to print their images out and get them to create a scrap book where they can record their images.

All these activities are fun and safe for children to take part in, however, always make sure your child is properly supervised and is in the hands of a professional when it comes to more extreme hobbies.

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Written by Leisha Hankin, a blogger for Funbikes- A company which specialises in a wide variety of bikes, bike spares and stunt scooters.

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