The Ultimate Birthday Bash For Kids: 5 Ideas To Make It Happen!

This post answers the following questions

1) How to celebrate the ulimate birthday bash for kids?
2) What to do if budget is important to you?
3) Why should you rent a bounce house?
4) What food do kids love to eat on a birthday bash?
5) How to prepare accordingly?

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or any day – throwing a memorable and exciting party for kids can be a stressful process! “What do kids like these days? What foods should I provide? What kinds of games and activities would they enjoy?” It’s every parent’s nightmare: having a dozen bored kids at your house for your child’s birthday. Cake has been eaten, presents have been opened and all the games have been played. It’s only noon, and the other parents are not supposed to pick up their kids for another two hours. The kids are restless; they want something to do. Before you start to overwhelm yourself with these types of worries, relax – it’s a lot easier than you think!

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Theme The Party

The child’s favorite color, superhero/princess, or a dinosaur theme are all examples of popular themes among children. If a budget is important to you, there’s substitutes to buying themed products! Color coordination is key, and this can be done on a budget. Pick 2 or 3 colors and flood the party area with balloons. Try drawing your own posters!

Rent A Bounce House

There is a terrific way to avoid this scenario: rent a bounce house. Kids love bounce houses because of everything a bounce house has to offer. A bounce house can appeal to all ages, from little kids to grade school children to teenagers. All kids get excited at parties, and they need somewhere to release all of their energy; this is where the bounce house comes into play. Kids can run around crazily all over the bounce house with no fear of injury or destruction of your personal home.

The kids will love playing in the castles and themed bounce houses. Whether their favorite TV show or movie includes Spongebob, Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Ninja Turtles, Dora, Batman or Disney princesses, a themed bounce-house will have you covered.

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Activities and games.

This is a very important part of the party! After all, what’s a kid party without games?

Usually great parties have one main activity that all the children enjoy – the most popular and common one are based around inflatable bounce houses. Since you already have the bounce house , there are a ton of games you can do inside! For example: duck-duck-goose, popcorn, tag, and more.

Having a themed bounce house can help tremendously here, as you can invent games that go along with the theme. For example, if it is a castle bounce house, the inside can be a dungeon! Use your own imagination to set up the kids, their own adventurous little minds will take it from there!

Pick The Food

It’s best to keep it simple! Kids will always be a fan of the typical pizza, soda, and snacks party. A great an healthy alternatives is making your own sandwich. Simply Cut sandwiches into cute shapes using cookie cutters. If you have other snacks, try serving the snacks in creative containers. Somehow to children, food is more appealing served in paper boats, just like at the movies. Try transforming lunch into an activity. Let kids top English-muffin pizzas. Show them how to make faces with cleverly sliced pepperoni eyes, nose, and mouth.

Prepare Accordingly

Try to get all of your materials and of all items on your list at least a week in advance to your party. Send those invitations out early. This will give you plenty of time to set up, make any small changes, and mentally prepare for the event! Make a list of things that you will need, it’s easier to cross them off as you go. Example – Streamers, balloons, plastic plates and cups, prizes for games, certain foods, etc.


Kids will stay intrigued with the bounce house for hours on end. Now, when you still have two hours until the party ends, all you have to do is suggest that they enjoy the bounce house. After that, you can safely trust that the kids are enthralled in the bounce house until the party ends. You and your house will become the new hot spot for all your children’s friends. Best of all, its wallet friendly. Most bounce house rentals are under $150 for the afternoon. offers bounce house rental to San Jose residents and the entire Bay Area California.

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