How to Plan a Pirate Themed Children’s Party

It seems safe to say that most children, at some point or another, envision what life would be like as a pirate. As parents, we can bring those pirate dreams into reality (at least for a day) by throwing a pirate themed party . . . and without renting out a pirate ship. Even if your knowledge of pirate life is limited, you can pull off a convincing pirate get-together by following these tips for how to plan a pirate themed children’s party:


The invitations. Party planning begins with inviting people, right? Your invitations are the first impression you will make on your guests, and you want to evoke the pirate feeling from the get-go. Create a pirate treasure map by crumpling up a brown paper bag, cutting it down to invitation-size squares, and using a lighter to burn the edges (careful, there!). Then print party details on the papers, along with a pirate-style map to your party location.

Pirate speak. Make sure to use plenty of pirate lingo in your invitations, and as the in-character host of the party. The cake is the “bounty,” the girls are “wenches,” the boys are “mateys,” the party favors are “loot” or “booty” . . . the list goes on and on. Be creative.

Dress the part. You don’t have to rent a full-on pirate costume. Just an inexpensive pirate hat and an eye patch can go a long way. (These also make great party favors, by the way). You might even let each kid make his own pirate shirt as part of the festivities.

Pirate food. Remember that pirates usually ate with their hands, so finger foods are a great option. Drumsticks or chicken wings are ideal, and just messy enough to be pirate-like. If you want to steer clear of greasy fingers, remember that almost any finger food can be pirate-themed with a sword-shaped toothpick in it. As pirate “ale” or “grog,” serve foamy root beer floats.

The loot. Give away gift bags that contain dollar-store gold and silver coins, rock candy (“jewels”), stuffed animal parrots, eye patches, and any other pirate-themed “treasures” you can think of. To create especially authentic giveaways, package everything in small potato sacks (which you can easily make out of cheap, store-bought fabric) printed (stamped, painted, or colored with marker) with the traditional skull and bones.

Throwing a children’s pirate themed party can be a real blast, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these tips to create a magical day for your special child who has always wondered about the pirate life.

About the Author: Ali Hargroder loves planning children’s parties – especially with fun themes. Her boys both have birthdays in October so their options for themes are virtually limitless!

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