5 Birthday Cake Themes Your Kids Will Love

Coming up with a cake idea can be an easy or somewhat of a difficult thought process for you as a parent, depending on your kid’s hobbies and interests. If you child is in the age bracket, say 3 – 10 years old, they are still at that age where they’d find sheer amusement and enjoyment out of their birthday cake design. Remember when you were that age and the type of birthday cake you may have had? Try reminiscing back to that day and try providing your child that same or similar feeling, simply through supplying a novelty cake for their birthday. Here are 5 basic themes for you to consider when in the initial thought process.

Their Favourite Character

Making a cake based on your child’s favourite TV or movie character would ensure a huge smile and surprise on their birthday. Whether it is from a fairy tale, nursery rhyme or cartoon series, they would love a cake design of their favourite character. Notable characters include Sponge Bob and Ninja Turtles for the boys or Barbie for the girls.

Their Favourite Sport

A favourite sport that they may play or simply enjoy is another good idea. For both genders, they’ll enjoy seeing the design and variety or colour and ingredients used to decorate the cake. Favourite sports for the boys would include cakes of their favourite ball sports – football, basketball and soccer. Even mix it up a little and create a baseball glove, karate outfit or skateboard. Whereas for the girls, you may look into netball or a design of a swimming pool or horses, for example.

Their Favourite Toy

By now you should be starting to get the idea of what we are suggesting. The next thought will be based around their favourite toys. This may blend in with their favourite sports and TV characters already mentioned. Or they may be completely different. Their favourite toys may include cars, transformers, lego or dolls. Be sure to use a guide or a print out in the process to get all the details right.

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Their Favourite Animal

This theme will create endless opportunities for you to consider. Here you can decorate a cake based on your household pet, fairy-tale animals and any other specific wildlife they may particularly fancy.

Their Most Hated Insect

To round out the 5 preferred themes and to mix it up a little, maybe make a cake out of their most hated bug or insect. They may complain about specific insects, such as flies, mosquitos or other similar household pests. They would most likely find it humorous to gobble up one of these common annoyances.

Any of these theme ideas is a good starting point, narrowing it down more specifically to the final selection is more specific to your kid’s individual taste.

Written by Mick Cutcliffe

Mick is a cake and pastry artist who has travelled around the world for inspirations. For a unified look and feel of the ultimate kids birthday, Mick recommends sticking to the same theme as the cake on kids birthday invitations and party decorations.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wishuponacupcake/5952330864/

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