Children’s Birthday Party Etiquette That Adults Should Know

Kid’s parties can be very fun and simple affairs, but before you host a celebration for your children you should be aware of the appropriate etiquette so that you don’t accidently offend or annoy any other parents.

Here are some of the most common etiquette questions that adults hosting children’s birthday parties worry about;

Are you obligated to invite the entire class?

It is not necessary to invite everyone in your child’s class, as this could be more than 30 children and not every family is able to host that many kids. Most families will follow the “age plus one” rule, which means that if your child is five they can choose a total of six party guests. This keeps the party manageable as it will only include your child’s closest friends.

If you are only inviting a few children, make sure you talk to your child about discretion so that they don’t blab about the party to everyone and make those who aren’t coming feel bad.

That said, if you are having a large party and are inviting nearly every in the class, you should invite everyone or the odd child will feel left out. Instead of feeling like you have to include the entire class, you could also ask the teacher if you could bring cupcakes or brownies into your child’s school on their birthday.

How do I make sure people RSVP?

Not having your guests confirm their attendance can be frustrating, as you are left wondering how much food or supplies to buy. You can give an RSVP date on the invitations and after that date passes, feel free to call up the families you haven’t already heard from and check in with them. Simply let them know that you are trying to get an accurate idea of how many people are coming and they won’t see it as pushy.

Should I provide food for the adults as well?

If you are feeding the little ones, it is always a good idea to have food ready for the adults too. It’s not only more enjoyable, it will also encourage them to stick around and pitch in to help. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as finger food, pizza or sandwiches should do the trick. Make sure there is also extra cake for the parents to enjoy as well.

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Should we open gifts at the party?

Letting your child open presents during the party can be stressful, as you run the risk of them blurting out something like, “I already have this toy!” or “I don’t like this!”. However, this can be a good opportunity to teach your child about socially appropriate behaviour and how to respond with a polite thank you whenever they receive something. You could practice this with some role playing the night before, such as “Let’s pretend I’m your friend Thomas and I just gave you a present. What do you say?”

These are just a few important etiquette tips to keep in mind if you will be hosting a birthday party for your child.

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