How to Make Your Home Child Friendly

Though you may think that your home is the safest place for your child, you need to think again. All it needs for accidents and injuries to occur in your home are carelessness and not making the necessary preventive measures to avoid these situations. Here are some steps to make your home child friendly and to ensure child safety in your house.

Step 1:  Keep poisonous and hazardous items out of reach

Things to watch out for are medications, cleaning chemicals, other household items and alcohol out of reach. Place them in locked cabinets or high compartments that children cannot easily access.  For medication, make sure you don’t leave vitamin and pills on the table where children can easily reach them. It also pays to teach your children that those items are dangerous and they should only use them with a parent’s supervision.

Step 2:  Be vigilant with sharp objects.

Sharp objects, like poisonous items, should be kept well out of reach of children. Store them in a cabinet or drawer with a latch. For garage and gardening items, make sure you lock the tool shed or cabinet. For other items in the house, make sure that mirrors are securely attached and not hanging; for glass decors and bowls, ensure that these items are placed in locations where children can’t easily knock them over. In the kitchen, also make sure the garbage is behind a cabinet so it is hidden from a child’s view.

Step 3:  Be ready for emergencies.

No matter how careful you are with child safety in your home, accidents can still occur. Better be ready for these cases. You should have a first aid kit ready in your home, and everyone in your home, including the children should know where it is. You should also have the emergency contact numbers in plain view. Aside from 911, you should also have the phone numbers of your child’s doctor, yours, your neighbor’s or relative’s, ready in case of emergencies.

Your home should be a safe haven for your children. That’s why you need to keep it that way by making your home child friendly. Not only do you prevent accidents, you also create a safe and secure environment for your children. It also adds peace of mind to any parent. It helps to know that wherever your child is playing in your home, the chances of the child encountering accidents and injuries are far possibilities.

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  1. Angelica says:

    since my son is only 10 months old, he is really on the exploratory stage wherein he grabs anything and everything he sees.

    Here’s what I did to child-proof our house:

    – I put plastic covers on the electrical outlets. this can be purchased on hardware stores. cheaper alternative is to put scotch tape instead.
    – use soft guards on furniture like tables with sharp edges on it.
    – never give your child small toys, plastic bags which can be a choking hazard.
    – do not carry hot liquids near your child.
    – place all cords, cables out of reach

  2. Keeping your place a child friendly environment needs an extra mile in implementing it. You need to be vigilant on the safety and care of the child by protecting him/her from hazardous materials that might choke him. You also have to keep any pointed objects or sharp materials that might cut his/her skin. As much as possible try to cover your flooring with carpets so when the child kneels down on the floor he/she wont easily get hurt. Always have a first aide kit for emergency purposes.

  3. Always think one step ahead when keeping your home safe for your children. Due to the inquisitive and curious nature of children, they will most likely be touching anything they lay their eyes on and sometimes, put it in their mouths. So remember to keep hazardous things out of reach as to what the blog said, and never leave your child/children alone. It also best to keep them out of carpeted rooms as these rooms are potentially hazardous to a child’s lungs and could lead to complications in their respiratory system later on.

  4. Keeping your home a child friendly is really difficult specially if you have kids who would always walk and run around.What I usually do is being sensitive in all the things around our home. Always keep in mind that everything should be in there proper places especially those that are sharp objects,the medicines,the electric wires and outlets should have covers if not used. And likewise with the toys, give them toys that are appropriate for there age to avoid accidents. The most important thing is always guide them about the proper usage or handling of everything around the house that they see and care about. Give them proper advise on what they can touch or use as kids and those that they are not allowed to.

  5. I have two kids, an 8-year-old boy and a 5-year old girl. Our house is always like a war zone! So, I see to it that our home is safe for them and their playmates. Our living room is literally naked. No furniture, especially center table. I don’t want my kids to be banging on the furniture while playing. It can be very dangerous for them. The floor is always wiped clean and dried, to avoid slipping. Electrical outlets are covered with special plugs, I did this because i almost died when I caught my daughter trying to insert her finger in the outlet. Good thing her finger won’t fit! But what if she tried inserting some small metallic object like the handle of spoon? I can’t imagine it, so it’s better safe than sorry.

  6. Having three daughters ages 8,4 and 2 respectively, making sure that our house is child friendly is a huge task.What I do is explain to the older girls that they should also help us in watching over the youngest especially when it comes to toys, big or small that she likes to put hand to mouth. Luckily, my two older daughters love their baby sister so much that they are always on watch for things that they know will pose as hazard to their sister.

  7. I’d also like to share something from my own experience, always fold those plastic sandwich bags, grocery plastic bags and any form of plastic or cellophane and store them somewhere and not in the bedroom. The thing is, not folding those plastics and cellophane in the bedroom, especially when you are using the electric fan, there is a risk that the plastic would be blown by the fan and would accidentally land to your child’s face while he sleeps and suffocates your child. This accident claimed the life of 1 of our neighbor’s children.

  8. yvonne t. says:

    You should always keep those hazardous chemicals and all those harmful objects out of reach from your children. Always be there to check out your child every once in a while. Prepare for any kind of emergency and always have a first aid kit at home. Have a place where is child free I mean there should be room supposedly for your kid/s alone. A play room is essential since your kids will spend more time there to play. You should also keep your house sanitized especially with the things your kid/s holding, whether its toys, feeding bottles etc. You should know that there are harmful germs present every where so you should always clean your house every day.

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