A Guide to Fire Protection For Schools

Every property needs to have standards and procedures put into place to ensure that the people inside – and the building itself – is protected by fire and smoke to the highest possible standard. Whether the building is a commercial, retail, industrial or residential premises, losing lives as a result of a fire is a tragedy that we must try to safeguard ourselves against as much as humanly possible. In the case of schools, the cost could be the lives of children, so it is imperative that standards are put into place and adhered to every single day. Here are a few fire protection tips to follow when securing a school against fire:

Fire Alarms

The first port of call for any property should be to have a fully operational fire alarm on the premises. It should be tested regularly and loud enough so that the entire school will hear it the second it is sounded. It is also extremely important that drills are put into place so that in the event of a fire or a practice drill, the pupils and the teachers will know exactly what to do and where to go. It is a legal requirement to have a fire alarm system in a school, but making sure it is fully operational and of a high standard is the responsibility of the school.

Fire Drills

Fire wardens are appointed so that in the event of a fire, they can round up the pupils and evacuate the premises in a quick and effective way that doesn’t cause panic and is regimented so that every child is accounted for. When all the pupils are rounded up at their fire point, the teachers can go through their register to double-check that every pupil is counted and safe. When the fire department has come and checked the premises, only then should anybody return to the school.

Secure The Premises

It may be harder to receive funding for schools these days, but it is extremely important that schools have the right protection against fire and smoke, and that includes a high number of fire extinguishers and fire blankets on the premises so that they can be used to tackle smaller fires such as kitchen fires, before they escalate into larger, more threatening fires. Under no circumstances should anybody try and tackle a fire that is larger than a chip pan fire. In the event of a larger fire, the fire services should be called right away and the alarm should be called as soon as possible in order to start getting children to safety.

Daley is a security enthusiast and he works with www.advancesecurity.uk.net to ensure that all commercial properties have the best fire protection available.

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