Being the Popular Parent: Bounce Houses

Popular Parents Love Bounce Houses

Nothing thrills children more than having a cozy bounce house to get a world of much needed exercise. The truth is parents inflate the bounce houses. Then, the temptation to “try it out” is just too overwhelming for them to ignore. Oh sure. The parent may say they have to make certain it’s safe. The kids aren’t fooled by that little ruse. They know that inside every parent is a child dying to try something knew. So while the children wait patiently for the safety check to end, they are just as eager as the parent to start an afternoon that is sure to keep them happily occupied. Meanwhile, the parent gets top billing as the most popular parent thanks to the ingenius idea of adding a bounce house to their childrens fun.

Bounce Houses Never Lose Popularity

As the backyard fills with childhood friends, the popular parent realizes the value of their investment in a bounce house. There’s fun, excitement and even learning to acquire skills in a new environment inside the bounce house. Most of all it’s a safe, effective way to encourage children to be actively involved in daily exercise. There’s no prodding the children either. It’s a natural escape children look forward to. A bounce house is like having a special party every day of the week. For parents, it’s an easy way to keep children under watchful eye. When they are playing in their bounce house, they are clearly visible and parents know where their children are at all times. This is one reason they never lose popularity with parents.


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Bounce House Parties

The best plan for a birthday party or holiday party is to create a whole party theme around the bounce house. These can be purchased for every day use or they can be rented or leased, depending on personal preference. They are available in a wonderful array of colors, designs and sizes. Take note of the number of children, childrens heights and then discuss the jumping height inside the bounce house to insure maximum enjoyment and fun. There are a number of bounce houses available in fairy tale castles and slide entrances and exits for added fun. One of the most popular designs is the moonwalk, crayon themes, today’s most popular cartoon character designs, sea and jungle themes. Designs are colorful and whimsical. Bounce houses are strong and durable and require little effort to inflate them. Yet, they offer the most fun for children to explore. Simply choose the bounce house design and coordinate invitations and party decorations to create the party theme. A bounce house offers safe, clean, inexpensive fun for children when compared to other options.


Peter Wendt is an avid writer from Austin, Texas. Still a kid at heart, he likes to rent bounce houses and play in them with his kids. He urges all parents to rent them, and recommends this Austin bounce house rental company to do so.

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