Some Of The Practical Ways To Help Out A New Mum

The birth of a new life is a time for rejoicing and celebration, and even though the new mum might be feeling a little jaded the excitement and good times to come will outweigh the hard work needed to get to this point.
Every new mum knows that things aren’t easy in the first few weeks, there’s a new routine to follow and a new life to take care of. And if it’s your first baby there’s a steep learning curve which every new mum has to climb.
If a friend or family member is about to have a new addition or they’ve already given birth what can you do to help?
Practical help
It might not be plausible to offer help looking after the baby but there are a few things which you can do to really help the new mum out. These are practical things which every householder will have to do, but because of the new addition a new mum might struggle to keep on top of.
o    Laundry
o    Cleaning
o    Ironing
When you visit, don’t expect to be waited on – get stuck in. Offer your help with the laundry, cleaning and the ironing. Many people will be too proud to accept any help with these things but insist on helping where you can. In most cases these things won’t get out of hand until a week or so after the birth so remember to keep in touch and pop around now and again to offer help. If you’re the new mum don’t be too proud to accept it – you’ll be thankful in the long run.
Help with baby clothes and accessories
Even through a new mum will have planned meticulously for the birth of their child there’s always something they will have forgotten. In the weeks up to the birth they may have received presents or goodwill gifts but it’s only after the birth that a new mum will know what they really need. It’s at this point that it’s worth asking what would be useful. Things always worth giving at the birth of a baby include sleepsuits, babygrows and bibs and muslins – you can never have enough. If you want to get something more extravagant how about a Nappy Cake or a gift for mum, such as chocolates and champagne? Mum will likely have abstained from alcohol for the last nine months so she’ll appreciate the thought.
Offer time out

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New mums will find it hard to be separated from their babies, even for a minute, but it’s worth offering them some time out. This might be so mum can just gather her thoughts, get some sleep or even just have a bath in peace. You don’t have to take the baby out and mum doesn’t have to go for a night on the tiles, simply being in the house with her and looking after baby while she has some time to herself can be a better gift than any physical object.

Tara Jones is a mum of three and wishes she had more help than she did after the birth of her babies. She loves the fantastic gift ideas available at Baby Hamper Gift.

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