Normal Things That Babies Do That Tend To Scare Their Parents

As a new parent there’s nothing worse than thinking that your baby’s sick; you’ll be watching them like a hawk from the moment you take them home and anything that you don’t recognise you’ll want to take them to the doctor straight away. Although you’ve been to all the classes and read the books none of them quite prepare you for the projectile vomit, wandering eyes or strange noises that babies all make; so here are a few of those pretty freaky but incredibly normal things that babies have and do:

Firstly cradle cap is a little bit gross and not something that you want your baby to be suffering with but it is really normal and the truth is, a lot of babies get it. There’s nothing you can really do because no one knows why they get it, all that’s recommended is to moisturise it with a baby moisturiser and before baby’s bath time try and scrap the flakes off with a fine comb. You never really have to worry about cradle cap but if it seems to be spreading or becoming worse and maybe uncomfortable for your baby then call on the doctor to see if they can give you a stronger cream to try and get rid of it.

Babies moan and groan, everyone knows that but a lot of people expect crying and cooing and that’s about it. Well, as you’re about to find out, it’s not. Your baby has the capability to make many more sounds than the occasional coo and they will; you’ll her grunting and snorting, squeezing and wheezing and it’s something that every baby does so there’s not usually anything to worry about. A lot of a baby’s noises come from the fact that their air ways and nasal passages are pretty narrow so mucus can get trapped and block them. If this is the case your baby may begin to grunt to try and get it out; there are loads of ways that you can relieve them just head to your local chemist and ask for a nasal aspirator. You don’t really need to worry unless your baby is grunting or making noises with every breath, if this is the case then they might not be able to breathe properly so you should take them to the doctor as soon as you can.


Finally, a lot of babies are quite jerky and will seem to throw their arms and legs about randomly; this, again is really normal and they’re not in any danger. In the first few months of a baby’s life they change dramatically and things like the startle reflex start to work. It is this that causes babies to punch and kick randomly; in order to calm them slightly you might want to think about wrapping them in a swaddling cloth to help them sleep better as they can quite often startle themselves awake which scares them and often causes tears. There’s really no need to worry about your child’s jerky movements unless they’re not displaying any jerky movements; if your baby doesn’t start showing jerky signs then it’s a sign that something might not be right so you should contact your doctor just to be safe.

Kia Meadows is a baby nutritionist who always takes a gift from Baby Joy Gifts Ltd for anxious, new parents.

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