How to Make Your Baby’s First Photo The Best

Welcoming your first child into the family is a joyous occasion, and one that is all too easily forgotten in the haze of sleepless nights and constant feedings that come afterward. As soon as mother and baby are feeling up to it, getting professional photos taken of your precious little one is a perfect way to preserve the memories of this special time while giving you a beautiful portrait of your new arrival to share with friends and family. Of course, babies rarely smile on cue or go for more than three minutes without drooling on themselves. To choose a photographer and keep your baby picture-ready to avoid feeling as though your glamour shots were a rip off, follow these tips:

• Decide How You Want Baby to be Remembered

Choosing the right outfit can be tough, especially since Baby will be outgrowing things almost as soon as he grows into them. Try to find an outfit that is special but comfortable, with muted colors so as not to overwhelm the camera. One fun way to make Baby look special is to make sure that her mary-janes match her dress, or his sneakers match his polo shirt. If Baby has hair, also remember to comb it carefully, applying a little water to keep it from getting mussed before the shoot.

• Choose a Professional Photographer

While you might be tempted to save a few dollars by having a friend a or family member shoot the pictures, there are many advantages to choosing a professional photographer who knows how to angle the camera, situate the lighting, enhance the colors, and choose a fitting background. A professional will be able to arrange a sitting that captures the feeling of new parenthood and really brings out the emerging personality of your little munchkin.

• Choose a Professional Who Works With Children

You don’t want your glamour shots to be a rip off, so be sure to choose a photographer who has some experience photographing children and babies. Someone reputable will know how to make your baby smile and can spot drool before it messes baby’s adorable new outfit. In addition, a professional studio should come equipped with soft blankets and other stuffed toys to make your baby comfortable and delighted while the shoot is happening.

• Keep Baby Delightfully Distracted

Sometimes, the best way to coax that gorgeous smile out of your baby is to have a favorite toy on hand, that baby can hold or look at. If your child likes music, bring along a music player and let baby giggle to his or her favorite tune while the photographer works.

As your baby grows, you’ll be thankful you have professional photographs to remind you of those first months when everything was still new.

Jillian Johnson is a professional marketing content writer who blogs on a variety of topics. Follow her @MissWritey.

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