Do Twins Really Run In The Family?

There are many different myths surrounding the issue of twins running in the family, many people swear that once twins have occurred somewhere along the family tree, they will forever run in the family, skipping generations and eventually forming a pattern. However, many people suggest that this is simply an old wives tale, with no real medical reasoning behind such claims.

The Science

According to scientific research, there is no evidence that twins run in the family, but unlike identical twins, non identical twins have a better chance of running in families, and is much more frequently experienced if these types of twins run in the woman’ family rather than the males. The reason why non identical twins do occasionally run in the family is due to the fact that some woman are more genetically likely to produce more than one egg during their menstrual cycle, thus making them far more likely to have twins if impregnated. There have also been recent discoveries suggesting that other non-genetic factors increase the chances of having non identical twins, such as the older the mother is, the more likely to have twins, whether the mother has already had children, ethnic group and whether any form of infertility treatment has been used by mother or father. Identical twins however, are more a strike of luck rather than any kind of genetic pattern that has run in a family as they are created when one fertilized embryo splits into two.

A concept of twins running in the family is that they often skip a generation, this has been discovered to be false, with no evidence supporting its claims whatsoever. However, as previously stated the only real evidence supporting twins running in a family is primarily down to the genetics of the female partner who produces the eggs. However, if you find that you have had twins before in the past, you are far more likely to have twins again, in these respects twins certainly do run in the family, as women who have had twins before increase their chances fourfold when it comes to conceiving twins yet again.

Modern Ways to Have Twins?

The good news for many couples who do want to conceive twins is that there are certain fertility treatments out there now that can increase the chances of having twins, therefore if twins do not seem to run on the mothers side of the family, there is still ways of having twins if so. The types of treatments needed for these are those that stimulate the ovaries or involve multiple embryo transfer that increase the chance of multiple births. Twins are of course extremely exciting, and many couples admit to be hopeful for having a pair of twins to liven up the family home.


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