Buying Guide: Used Baby Clothes And Gear

Baby ShoesOften times, shopping for baby clothes and baby gear is a frustrating process. And it is almost always expensive. The fact that youngsters outgrow their necessities so fast makes shopping a never-ending, pricy experience.

Fortunately, there are plenty of items you can buy used. An even better situation involves hand-me-downs where no purchase is necessary at all!

As an added bonus, when you acquire used items, they come with their own unique guarantee. Finding items in a thrift store, consignment shop, or garage sale means they have survived life with another child (and lived to tell the tale!), are durable, and are ready for another round of torture! Plus, you can bet used items are about 80% less than retail.

Buying Used Baby Clothes

Since babies grow out of their clothes so fast, they usually don’t have enough time to do much damage. Therefore, you can usually find a ton of newborn and toddler clothes in pretty good condition.

When shopping for used baby clothes, look for wardrobe staples – undershirts, sweaters, pants, jackets, coats, t-shirts, shoes, socks, pajamas, etc. Save your new clothes purchases for things like a custom t-shirt design that says something cheeky like “Mommy’s Main Squeeze.”

Also, you can usually find used special occasion clothes in good shape because they were probably only donned for a few hours. Formal attire for a wedding, baptism gowns, Halloween costumes or other special occasion clothes can usually be purchased at rock-bottom prices.

When buying used baby clothes, be mindful of size. Materials often shrink or stretch so an item of clothing might not be as it once was.

Also, checked used clothing to make sure there aren’t any loose or missing buttons. Ensure all zippers work properly. And scrutinize the garment to make sure there aren’t any choking or strangulation hazards.

Lastly, make sure you wash all used items thoroughly before letting baby wear them.

Buying Used Baby Gear

Like clothing, baby gear often has a short lifespan too. New strollers are ridiculously overpriced, especially when a used version will meet baby’s needs just fine. Purchasing other items used can really help your budget too. When shopping for clothes, look for a used diaper pail, high chair, bouncy seat, exesaucer, baby monitor, and toys.

While it may be alluring to get other high ticket items on consignment or at a thrift store, you’ll need to resist the temptation. There are some things that need to be purchased new:

  • Crib – Baby needs a new – not used – crib. A used crib might have broken or missing pieces. If these malfunctions go unnoticed, baby’s safety could be compromised. If you absolutely must buy used, check to make sure there hasn’t been any recalls.
  • Crib Mattress – Lots of diaper leaks or even minute tears in the cover could cause mattress coils to become damaged. Plus, buying new guarantees a bed-bug-free night of rest.
  • Car Seat – There is no way to know if a car seat has lived through an accident. If it has been involved in a collision, the internal parts may have been compromised. As such, it wouldn’t weather a second impact properly.
  • Feeding Products – Breast pumps, bottles, nipples, pacifiers, cups, and utensils should all be purchased new.

Everyone loves to shower new babies with gifts. Don’t hesitate to tell family and friends what you need. As you send them out shopping, make sure they know which items are ok to purchase used and which should be new.

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