5 Benefits Of Using Roman Shades In A Baby’s Nursery

Every parent feels excitement and pride when bringing home their newborn baby. We all want to offer our children the best and it often begins with the room they will be staying in that must provide them with calmness, comfort and peace as they rest. Window treatments play an essential role in nurseries since they can make adjustments to the flow of direct and indirect sunlight into a room, control glare and provide insulation. They also bring style and texture to a nursery which can be adjusted as a baby grows up to match his personality.

Safety First

One thing that parents must always remember is that safety is necessary in every room of a house when a young child is present. As such, safety measures include choosing the right window treatment for nurseries. One mistake that many parents make is placing cribs near windows for sufficient lighting, but if there are hanging cords on the windows, then it is very dangerous as children can reach the cords and even get tangled in them. If you plan on placing the crib near the window, opt for cordless shades instead.

roman shades for nurseries

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Roman Shades For Nurseries

There are plenty of window treatments to choose from, but the most popular is Roman shades. This is mainly due to their affordability, style and efficiency. Here are five reasons why many parents opt for Roman shades in their children’s nurseries:

1. Ideal Napping Space

New born babies will have unpredictable sleeping patterns which must be taken into consideration by parents. In order for babies to have a calm and restful napping space, you can add Roman shades to the nursery windows to prevent sunlight from distracting your child. You can easily get your child to nap by easily using the shades. The key trick here is to use a suitable color for the shades or opt for blackout shades.

2. Style

If you want your baby’s nursery to have that touch of elegance, you can use neutral color Roman shades along with drapes on either side featuring a distinctive pattern. The drapes will provide you with a cozy private napping space, while the Roman shades will act as the backdrop to your elegant curtains. The shade can then be raised when you want sufficient sunlight in the nursery.

3. Texture

Roman shades are available in an array of designs and colors. Most of them are often custom made to suit the nurseries and personalities of the parents. Among these are the blackout shades that are now popular and are also available in a variety of colors. The shades can be easily coordinated with the nursery’s décor and even highlight the variations of colors you already have in your baby’s nursery.

4. Easy To Clean

Another favorite feature of Roman shades for nurseries is the ability to easily clean them because of their easy to clean materials. Nurseries must never be untidy or filled with dust, but they must not be difficult to clean either. This is why it is important to furnish your baby’s nursery with décor and furniture that are made from wipe clean materials which will not require too much time and effort to clean.

5. Two Features

Roman shades offer two features which are to the benefit of nurseries. Depending on how dark you want the nursery to get, you can opt for shades that offer normal dimness into the nursery or shades that offer complete darkness. Those that offer complete darkness will have added blackout lining to achieve it. Regardless of the feature you may opt for, they both are easy to install and coordinate in a nursery.


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