You Don’t Need to Fight Fires to Help Other People

When I was at school and we had to speak to the careers officer it was always a scary business. If I am being honest I never had any idea what I wanted to do. When it was finally my turn to speak to him I always decided to resort to a cliché and say that I wanted to become a fire fighter so that I could help people. Just like half of my class did.

I ended up working in an insurance broker’s office, so at least I never had to chafe my thighs sliding down the pole at my local fire station. Anyway, it is now my daughter’s turn to speak to her careers adviser and the good news is that the kids of today seem to have a clearer idea of what they want to do. She told me the other day that she wants to help people in the future, but at least she knows how she plans to do it.

Help the Planet

I don’t remember any environmental jobs when I was at school and I am not even sure that the environment existed back then. There was definitely no ozone layer and that’s a fact. My daughter likes the idea of working in the countryside and helping replant forests or doing other things to help save the Earth. To be fair, she is a bit vague on the matter still but I love the fact that she is thinking like this at such a young age.


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Help the Sick

My wife is a nurse and for this reason our daughter has also liked the idea of looking after sick people. However, it seems that she has noted the long hours her mother works and has therefore decided on a different approach. She said to me lately when we were in the local pharmacy that she would like to work there. I was a bit surprised by this but when I checked out some pharmacy jobs online I could see that there is enough variety to keep her happy if she chooses this as her future career.

Help the Elderly

As well as forestry work and pharmacy jobs she has also considered being a care worker for the elderly. Ever since she was about 3 or 4 she has always got on really well with older people. It is a career which must be pretty demanding and stressful at times but for people who enjoy looking after others it must also be very rewarding.

A rewarding career can begin by looking up some pharmacy jobs and seeing what could be of interest to you.

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