Accidents in the Workplace – Know Your Legal Rights

There’s a good chance you will be able to claim compensation for any serious injuries if you have suffered an accident in the work place. When you are at work, it is your employer’s legal responsibility to protect you within your working environment, so no matter what injury you’ve been subjected to, there are various ways you can be compensated for your suffering.

Trips, slips and falls are the most common types of accidents in the workplace, and usually involve a wet floor, broken tiles or insufficient lighting. Furthermore, may more people fall ill from coming into contact with harmful substances and not being provided with safety equipment. Inadequate training is also a major cause of accidents in the workplace, and in the majority of personal injury cases, the blame lies with the employer.

What to Do If You Are Injured In the Workplace

If you are injured in the workplace, your first point of call should be to report the incident to your employer. It is their duty to then record the incident in an accident book and also inform the relevant Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of any serious injuries. It’s best to follow up on this procedure to ensure that your employer has taken the correct course of action. If your employer is not informed that you have been injured, then this could affect your personal injury claim.

If you do want to claim compensation for your personal injury against your employer, then you must do so within three years. Negligence in the workplace is the most common form of personal injury claim, and you should get legal advice urgently if you think that you have a case against your employer. In some cases of serious personal injury, a court may decide to extend the time limit on which an individual can claim compensation.

Personal injury claims require personal injury solicitors, so make sure you contact employment solicitors in Nantwich to ensure that your claim is handled professionally. Many personal injury firms offer a no-win-no-fee service too, so claiming on your injury won’t hurt your pocket. The aim of these services is to replace any earnings you may have lost due to your injury, and not to win some free money. Some solicitors will also claim for loss of future earnings if your injury seriously affects your quality of life.

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Many people fear backlash from their co-workers when considering claiming for a personal injury that was received in the workplace. However what people don’t know is that employers are legally bound to have insurance that covers such accidents, from tripping over a box in the office to falling down a flight of stairs. Employers that don’t have insurance to cover employee personal injury are in line to certainly lose a personal injury claim if it ever reached court, so don’t think any grudge will be held against you in your claim. By claiming, you’re actually highlighting the malpractice of your employer, and also protecting other employees from future injury.

This article was written on behalf of an employment solicitors in Nantwich

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