Work Movie Cliches VS the Real World

We have all experienced the entertaining movie clichés portrayed in many Hollywood blockbusters. They all follow the same pattern and formula, and some of the worst movie clichés are about careers and the work place. These give a sometimes warped image of what work is really like in really life and in this fun and interesting article, we look at some of the top work, movie clichés and  compare them to the real world.

Work Movie Clichés VS The Real World

The daughter of the boss is always incredibly attractive

Ok, so among the top 10 movie clichés around, this one could in actual fact be true. It’s not very hard for the boss’s daughter to be attractive but, what is a little farfetched is that the boss’s daughter dresses very provocatively, works at the same company without actually doing anything, and if she doesn’t work at the office, she drops by on a daily basis. What is very farfetched in the movie cliché is that the office newbie falls in love with the boss’s daughter which leads to mayhem of some kind.

The boss is always uber rich

Another cliché among the many work movie clichés that could possibly be true, or could be total rubbish, is that the boss always being very rich. In some instances and depending on the company you work for, the boss may indeed be stinking rich and as in the movie clichés, takes you to their exclusive country club where you play doubles with Federa. In the other instances, the boss is not this uber rich entity and in actual fact has piled all of their money into the business.

Acing that one big project will get you instantly to the top, a penthouse apartment and a Ferrari

A movie cliché many of us wish was true; that big project that catapults you to the top. The truth is, getting to the top and receiving all of those amazing perks that probably only 5% of companies around the world may offer, is a long, hard process. It requires hard work and not just one major project, but an array of them.

You quit your job in the most grand of manners and tell your boss off in front of the whole office

Well, depending on the person you are, this could be made a reality, but chances are, it will not end very well. You will need a letter of recommendation and if quitting your job in this manner, you can be sure to not even ask your previous boss for one. Also, the business world is small and acting in this way could lead to burning many bridges and limiting your chances of getting hired with another company in the same industry. Sure, people quit their jobs every day, and maybe in a more hostile manner then some, but the aggressive, load outburst in the office, is one of the most farfetched work movie clichés and one that people should stay away from anyway.


Jemma Scott is a freelance business writer with an interest in an array of topics. She sometimes covers light-hearted topics and other informative ones, such as how to find Calgary office space.

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