Waking Up to the Sound of Roosters: The Life of a Farmer

Farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers run farming businesses. The process starts from leasing or buying a land and operating it as a working farm. The kind of farm they run decides the particular tasks for them. Crop farming involves the growth of cotton, grain, vegetables, fruits, wheat etc. Crop farmers are responsible for preparing, fertilizing, cultivating, and harvesting the crops. After the yield, the crops are packed, stored and sold. Livestock and dairy farms require the feed and care of the animals and keep barns, pens, coops etc. The farmers also plan and keep an outlook of the breeding process and the marketing practices. With the use of farm sheds, it’s easy for the farmers and ranchers to store and take care of the machinery or equipment or use farm sheds as open stables.

The duties of the farmer range from managing the livestock to operating and maintaining the machinery and facilities. The area of the farm or ranch determines which errands can be handled by the farmers. Farmers running small farms generally carry out all the work, from the physical activity to administrative control. However, farmers operating on a large scale need to be more focused on handling the tasks, therefore employees are hired who perform the physical work. The number of employees hired depends upon the size of the farm; a few large establishments have more than 120 people employed at the farm.

The work goes on throughout the year in the farms that deal with or produce livestock. Animals, unless they are properly grazing, need to be fed on a daily basis. The cows should be milked thrice a day and the area must be cleaned regularly. Farm sheds are made to ensure the extra stuff is placed in a safe corner to have more organized ranch. Expert farmers and ranchers look after the health of their herds and animals, assistance is also provided in the birth process of animals and frequent medical check-ups.

A farmer enjoys a natural and a quality life in rural or countryside areas by enjoying working outdoors, being self-employed and having a handsome living through farming. Farmers and ranchers normally have a working routine starting from sunrise and ending at sunset, especially during the cultivating and harvesting seasons.

Many farmers make a considerable amount by selling the output directly to food industry while some farmers may want to sell their products straight to the consumers through farmer’s market. The product is mostly sold in bulk at wholesale rates hence, farmers can make healthy profit. Farmers also opt for cooperatives to minimize the financial risks and to obtain a large share of the rates consumers offer.

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