Requirements And Job Description Of A Wedding DJ

For a successful wedding, the couple has a variety of entertainment choices. For pre-recorded music, a wedding DJ presents the best option in terms of entertainment value and affordability. A professional wedding DJ can make your event the most memorable part of your life if he knows what he is doing. Some of the primary requirements and most important functions on his job description should include the following:


A wedding DJ should always be prepared to act as a wedding consultant. He will be sought by the couple and the wedding planner on a variety of issues which include the wedding playlist, popular or trendy songs, songs to avoid, classic wedding ballads, and anything to do with the wedding entertainment. Additionally, the wedding DJ may also be a good resource on non-entertainment factors such as venue selection or even totally unrelated aspects such as the wedding menu. As an important part of the wedding’s success, the DJ should be ready to offer consultation on this and much more.

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