Work Productivity; How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lunch Hour

Work can be a stressful and time consuming part of our lives, and the average person spends 80% of their lives at work. Work days can be long and work overwhelming, which may lead to a drop in motivation and work productivity. The main break we have in the day is our lunch breaks and this hour can really be used to its full potential. In work productivity tips, we discuss how to get the most out of your lunch hour at work to keep you feeling refreshed, motivated and productive.

Increase Work Productivity; Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Lunch Break

Make sure that you actually take your break

This is relatively obvious, but you will be surprised how many people skip their lunch hour break. To increase work productivity and to limit the occurrence of burn out, one should definitely take their lunch hour every day. Get into the habit of taking your break every day. Even if there is a lot to be done, taking your break will not only increase productivity, but will make sure the job is done in an efficient manner.    

Eat  a healthy meal

The importance of a healthy diet and eating plan is obvious and this is even more true when you are working hard, not getting enough sleep or are under pressure. It’s amazing what eating well can do for your work productivity levels. It’s very tempting to grab something on the run such as fast food, but eating a healthy lunch will keep your energy levels high and will keep you healthy.

Take a nap

When work gets hectic and there is an overwhelming amount of things to be done, we tend to work later and more, and not get enough sleep. Adequate sleep is vital for improving work productivity and your lunch hour could be used as nap time. If feeling drained or tried and just need a few winks, find a quiet spot, possibly even in your car, and take a 30 or 40 minute nap. It will help ease fatigue and will have you feeling refreshed in no time.


Together with a healthy diet, exercise can prove incredibly beneficial too. Why not use your lunch hour to head to the gym for a quick workout? Exercise is known to lower stress levels, release endorphins and give you energy; all vital elements needed for great work productivity.  


Jemma Scott is an avid freelance writer with an interest in an array of subjects. She offers advice on how to acquire office space in Atlanta and how to keep productive. 

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