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1) What are the top career choices in nursing?
2) What is the role of nurse educator?
3) How to be a nurse practitioner?
4) Who take care of women’s health and their needs before, during and after delivery of the baby?
5) Where does nurse legal consultant works?

Nursing is a diverse career field with endless opportunities for growth both laterally and vertically. There is no cause for monotony in this field which has no dearth of nursing positions to choose from. The opportunities are so versatile that it will appeal to a wide audience and cater to the different skills and tastes of every individual who aspire to be a nurse. Here is a snapshot of a few of the current topmost career paths that you can choose from after getting your RN license.

Nurse Educator

A nurse educator is responsible for training the staff and keeping them updated about the latest technology and information available about diseases, medical equipments, procedures and policies of the hospital. Nurse educators also educate the patients about their existing conditions and how to manage their condition with diet and exercise. A nurse educator can work in the hospital as lactation consultants, diabetic educators, ICU clinical specialists and staff educators. They also work in universities and colleges as nursing instructors and play a part in designing and implementing the curriculum.

Qualification: Nurse Educators are required to have a Masters or doctoral degree in nursing in addition with clinical expertise.
Median Pay: $70,000-$90,000

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners have more autonomy than registered nurses and they can practice on their own or in collaboration with doctors depending on the states in which they work. Nurse practitioners can also prescribe medications and they work in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and specialty clinics and also in departments such as pediatrics, geriatrics, women’s health and family practice.

Master's Degree in Nursing

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Qualification: Nurse Practitioner’s have to acquire a Master’s degree in a credentialed nurse practitioner program.
Median Pay: $74,800

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

Certified Nurse Midwives or CNM’s take care of women’s health and their needs before, during and after delivery of the baby. CNM’s have an important role to play in childbirth at home for normal deliveries. They are also trained in latest technological advancements in childbirth and work in hospitals in collaboration with physicians.

Qualification: CNM’s have to be certified by a credentialed program and they also have to pass the national licensing exam before they can practice. Most of the states require a Master’s degree in nursing.
Median Pay: $70,000

Nurse Researcher

A Nurse Researcher’s work involves conducting researches based on the data collected from controlled studies to analyze, interpret and make summarized conclusions. Nurse researchers are like scientists and they explore different alternatives through meticulous research for a better outcome.

Qualification: Master’s Degree in Nursing is required for a nurse researcher. A doctoral degree will be a sure way to land a job as a nurse researcher.
Median Pay: $90,000-$100,000

Nurse Legal Consultant

A nurse legal consultant works for insurance companies, law firms, government agencies or private companies. They make use of their healthcare experience and give legal advice for medical related lawsuits. Nurse legal consultants are responsible for work which involves research of the standards of care of the hospital involved and review of medical charts of the patients involved in the lawsuit. They can also work from home.

Qualification: A valid RN license is required. A Bachelor in Nursing is generally not required.
Median Pay: $62,000

Nurse Case Manager

A nurse case manager manages the hospital stay of the patient and makes sure it progresses smoothly with no bumps on the way with regard to hospital stay and insurance companies. They will research on available alternative modes of treatments which are better suited to the patient and the hospital.

Qualification: Nurse Case Managers require at least a BSN while MSN is a bonus to the profession.
Median Pay: $68,000

Nurse Supervisor/Manager

Nurse Supervisor or Manager is responsible for the overall administration of the departments in the hospital. They schedule staff, create financial reports, attend meetings and manage the allocated budget for each department and are also responsible for managing the patient flow in and out of their hospital unit.

Qualification: Nurse Supervisor job requires a Bachelor in Nursing degree with a valid RN license.
Median Pay: $90,000

Nurse Anesthetist

A Nurse Anesthetist is responsible for administering anesthesia during surgical procedures and they work in collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists and physicians in hospitals and private settings. They enjoy one of the highest paid jobs in the nursing field.

Qualification: A Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a valid RN license is required to be accepted into an approved nurse anesthesia program after which you have to pass the national certification program before you can practice as a nurse anesthetist.
Median Pay: $130,000

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