Tips to Advance your Career

If you’re wanting to take your career to the next level, it is often hard to know where to begin. With endless advice from fellow colleagues, mentors and friends, how do you know that you’re really taking the right steps to achieve that much desired promotion? While the appropriate steps for career advancement may vary slightly between industries, there are some measures that you can take, whatever your industry, to ensure that you are progressing in a positive manner. Read on to discover our professional tips for advancing your career.

Show Initiative & Be Proactive

In a competitive workforce, sometimes, simply doing your job isn’t good enough – particularly if you’re looking for a promotion. Showing initiative can help you to get noticed by senior management, helping to show your company that you are willing to put in that extra effort, without being asked. Proactive problem solving is also a promising trait that many managers have. Displaying proactivity shows that you are working in the best interests of your company.

Get a Mentor

Receiving advice from someone, who has already been through the competitive job industry, can provide great insight into the journey ahead. Professional mentors can often provide a positive source of knowledge, offering advice on how they achieved success and what their hurdles were along the way. When searching for a mentor, it’s not always a good idea to choose a friend or family member. Look for someone whose career your desire or who shows leadership qualities that you wish to achieve. Regular meetings with your mentor will ensure that you’re getting the most out of this professional relationship.

Further Education

Without a doubt, furthering your education is one of the most successful steps to take when advancing your career. Postgraduate study offers various benefits to workers from all walks of life, providing you with the chance to advance your skill set and become a more valuable asset to your company. Whatever your industry, there are numerous courses available when considering furthering your education. A graduate certificate or graduate diploma is a great postgraduate option and provides an excellent stepping stone to completing a master’s degree. Study options are now virtually limitless, with students having the opportunity to continue working full time, whilst also completing another degree. If you’re considering further study as a step in advancing your career, online courses are a great option. Online study allows you to maintain your current position of employment, whilst still advancing your skills and education. While these tips all provide excellent strategies for advancing your career, don’t forget to also make small changes in your everyday work life. Simple things, such as arriving to work on time and achieving the tasks appointed to you, can ultimately make a great difference to the success of your future career.


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Collin is a professional trainer in financial and business sectors in Australia. Collin embraces the idea of lifelong learning and likes to share tips on exploring postgraduate study options with his readers.

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