Three Easy Steps to Ease into a New Job

We’ve all been had that anxious, excited feeling knotting our stomach up on the first day of a new job; questions arise about what to do next, will my new colleagues fit in and how can I best fit into this new team. New jobs in London come with feeling drowned in a horde of people all getting by day by day while one in a small village may have you feeling quite lonely; in both cases though there are a few steps or initiatives you can take to transition into your new job without anxiety.

Make First Contact

The first thing you need to understand is that you cannot sit at your desk, slap your headphones on and hope you can just get stuck into the work. While that’s noble and you will certainly need to get stuck into the new job soon enough, the first few days are crucial to making those connections with colleagues that will help you get over the new job blues. Some companies may do the work for you by hosting an orientation but with most businesses you’ll have to initiate your own orientation as far relationships are concerned. If you’re in a smaller team at a big company, see if there’s a usual after work drink or get together and ask to join. If there is no such after work thing, then initiate it; invite your team to coffee. Nine times out of ten your new team is just as keen to get to know you, if not more so.

Dress for Success

Many new job seekers claim they wish they could’ve made a better first impression from the get-go because it’s a challenge to change someone’s mind about you based on first impressions. Dressing the part is a large part of this. While it’s not the most genuine way to gauge someone, people will always jump to a conclusion based on how someone is dressed; sometimes more extremely than others. This doesn’t mean overdressing which can give people the wrong kind of ideas at your new job.

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Social at Lunch

Finally, lunch time is the best time to flex the social muscles in the office and suss out potential for a much needed new friend. However you’ll need to keep your eyes open and find out what sort of lunch environment your new office offers. Is it the type of place where people pack their own lunch or is there a cafeteria that people frequent. If it’s the former, there is still an opportunity to socialise by bringing in a box of donuts or some other confectionary at lunch; everyone loves the guy with donuts. If it’s the latter then make an effort to grab a bite in the company of your colleagues. With these few tips you can get over any new job difficulties you may have easily and make some new friends while you at it. We’ve all been at a new job, it can be stressful and it can be exciting but it needn’t be lonely.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and office consultant; having developed offices in Birmingham among others, he understands the minor details make a big difference in an office job.

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