The Advantages Of A Freelance Job

A freelance job in its simplest meaning is a person who is self employed and works for themselves. There is an array of differing freelance jobs from a writer to a web designer, the options are endless. There are many fundamental benefits of a freelance job although many people are uncomfortable with its inconsistent manner. Here we discuss the benefits and advantages of a freelance job in the UK or anywhere else in the world, because if you are a freelancer, it really does not matter.

Advantages Of A Freelance Job

You are your own boss

One of the most prominent benefits of having a freelance job and acquiring many opening is that you are your own boss! Essentially you are running your own business and you are the means to your own success. You can grow as fast as you can and do not need to put up with corporate politics or not being acknowledged for the hard work you do. There are also no distractions in a freelance job as a designer or writer, you work when you want, how you want and in a quite environment.

Flexible working hours

Another fundamental benefit of being a freelancer is that you have flexible working hours. Many of us are productive at different times and this is especially true with creative’s. Not having to be at work at an early time can really make your working life a happy one. You are not stuck at a desk the entire day with your boss watching everything you do and having to complete all of your work in a dedicated time frame. The work and the pace in which you work it is totally up to you in a freelance job.

Saving on expenses

There are certain expenses associated with working a normal, full time job that are avoided with a freelance job. A normal job requires you spend money on petrol and possibly a telephone. With working from home, these expenses are significantly reduced. It may seem trivial, but one also saves money on work attire; you do not need to purchase corporate wear when you work as freelancer.

You do the work you really want to do

So many of us strive to get a job in the industry we are interested in and do what we love, but a lot of the time this does not happen. We think we are going to do what we love everyday but end up doing mundane tasks. A major benefit of a freelance job is that you do what you want, are passionate about, good at and what will make you money every single day. You have complete control over your work.

Jemma Scott is a business freelance writer and went from a regular job in a Hong Kong serviced office to becoming a freelancer.

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