Showing off Your Online Degree on Your Resume

The stigma once associated with earning your degree online has disappeared. Students earning their degree online used to worry that their degrees wouldn’t be taken as seriously or that employers would disqualify them as a candidate. It has been shown that these fears are unfounded, as employers today view both traditional and online degrees as legitimate certifications of education.

Just as if you had earned your degree at a traditional campus, highlighting your online degree on your resume is very important. Your education will show potential employers that you know the field, are highly trained and may even be more qualified than other candidates.


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Name Names

When you enrolled in your online degree program, you were probably very thoughtful about what school you chose. You chose one that had a strong program and a good reputation. You aren’t the only one that likes these traits in a school; potential employers like these qualities too. When you add your degree to your resume, be sure to list the school’s name. Many times, a school’s name carries a lot of credibility that can only help your image.

Get Specific

In general, you want to show that you earned your degree in a specific area of your field. For example, if your online degree is in biology, but you focused on marine biology, you should make that known. This is also true in the business world where the difference between a finance degree and an international finance degree could be the edge you need to land a job.

Include Details

Did you take any highly technical classes? Did you earn any extra certifications or were you among the top graduates in your class? These are all things that will help you stand out among a group of candidates. When you apply for a job, don’t be shy about pointing out that you wrote for your school’s newspaper or that you earned a 4.0. Now is the time to humbly show off.

Relate Experience

If you’ve already had the chance to do some internships or even volunteer work in your industry, connect this to your online degree. For example, if you earned your online degree in education, and have spent the last few months working as a teacher’s aid, include this on your resume. Make the connection between your degree program and your work clear, so employers will see that you have experience and that you are serious about working in the industry.

Including your online degree and showing it off in a positive manner can help you pull ahead of the competition in a tough job market, so you can start the career of your dreams.

Jill Hardy writes for, a website that aims to help prospective students find an online degree that will help them start a solid career.

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