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Do you remember being little and wanting to look just perfect? Maybe you looked at all those glossy magazines and promised yourself that one day, you will be just like them. Now that you are older, you can’t just wear mommy’s shoes and some makeup and pretend to be a model- you can actually become a model! The road to the modelling world starts with dreams, but it is paved by a lot of hard work as well.

The modelling world is every bit as glamorous as it seems. But all that glamour does not come at no cost. All your favourite models and designers have gotten where they are after a lot of work and tonnes of effort. It is not just about the talent any more, it is also about your drive for it. If you want to become a model, you should not just be pretty, you should also want it as much as you can! Without this drive, you might not be able to get far in the industry.

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The modelling industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It has also grown varied and it caters to many different sections of the society now, which means that there is a wider margin of the society that you could represent. Fashion keeps changing and the faces of fashion also change. The changing nature of fashion is what made Twiggy such a legend in the fashion world. So no matter what kind of face you have, you can be assured a spot in the modelling world, as long as you find your niche.

If you want to become a model specializing in catalogue and commercial, you need to be outgoing and have a look that would impress the masses, in general. But if you have offbeat looks, you can always try your hand at high-fashion, the world where distorted body lines and different faces always steal the day. Of course, if you have a runway talent to top it off, you will certainly land a tonne of chances.

In order to become a model, you don’t only need the looks, you also need the personality. When you get your portfolio shot, your photographer might be able to help you with certain angles of the photos or such, but the test of your personality will come when you walk into agencies. If you have a strong look with an outgoing, fresh personality, they will certainly be tempted to book you. This will certainly help you in cases of go-sees as well. Having a strong and fresh personality draws people’s attention. This will help you get hired, this will help you get attention and it will certainly help you be a role model to other girls who also want to be models.

So, if you want to become a model, go out and get your portfolio shoot taken. If there are any non-professional photos that show how good a model you are or your strong looks, include that photo in the dossier too. Then, it is just a matter of letting yourself shine through and impressing modelling agencies till you sign with one! Please visit the website to know more.

Amy Jackson is a journalist who writes for several Fashion Magazines.

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