Making the Right Impressions

As an employer I have to admit I do make slight judgements on a person based on their appearance. I know it’s not particularly pc to discuss this kind of thing, but it’s something that does happen in the real world. It happens with all circles too.  When I am interviewing a person for the job I never use their appearance to make my decision, it’s always down to ability and how I believe they will benefit the team, but I will admit it helps if you at least make an effort.

What to Do to Help Win Over Your Interviewer

When you have an interview it is important to pay attention to your personal appearance. It’s actually amazing how many people will turn up smelling of body odour or with grease on their hands. I always suspect these are the ones who don’t really care about the job they are applying for.  Someone who comes in looking clean and without dirt in their fingernails immediately gains an edge, even if it’s a subconscious one.  Hair should also be clean and maintained and if you have a beard make sure it is well groomed rather than scruffy and all over the place.

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Finishing Touches Can Make a Difference

Shoes and a man’s watch also say a lot about a man.  I know many women that will take the condition of a man’s shoes into consideration before agreeing to date them. Coming into an interview in dirty and ripped trainers (again this has happened) doesn’t look good. It’s all about showing that you will fit in and help to compliment or even add to the company’s reputation. 

Quality watches have always been a sign of wealth and status. Now they are definitely to do with the overall look as not many people actually need watches these days due to modern technology such as smartphones. If a man or a woman comes in looking smart, wearing clean shoes (they don’t have to be expensive, just in good order) and wearing a watch I know they are making an effort to impress on their interview.

Compliment Your CV with a Polished Appearance

As I said earlier the final decision does come down to skills and experience, but with fierce competition in the job market the smallest things can help you to secure the job. Think about polishing your appearance, and your shoes and you are bound to make the best impression possible to help you land the job.

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