Little Known Job Sectors With Great Prospects

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1) Why should you look at some of the lesser known job sectors?
2) What is the job of a creative perfumer?
3) What is the role of skills manager?
4) How to be a ship broker?
5) Why is it not easy becoming a food tester?

In today’s economic climate, job seekers are finding it difficult to get job. And, if there are jobs available, too many candidates are competing with one another for the same positions. Perhaps, if job seekers want to be successful in finding jobs that pay well, they should be looking at some of the lesser known job sectors in the UK. In fact, their chances will brighten if they look for work in such sectors, as not too many people know about them.

lesser known job sectors in the UK

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Creative Perfumer

This exotic sounding job involves mixing different scented chemicals together to come up with a perfume or fragrance that is enticing and appealing. In order to qualify as a perfumer, a person should have an excellent sense of smell, go to a perfumery school and then get trained as a perfumer. Although the training is long, about 7 years, the salary is excellent and the work is stress-free.

Skills Manager

This particular job is an offshoot of management. There are many skilled people around, who have no clue on how to manage their skills. A skills manager is like a consultant and he brings on board knowledge and experience to advise people how best to use their skills. A skills manager can help people with their jobs, interests and hobbies.

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Ship Broker

A ship broker works as an intermediary between ship owners and potential buyers of ships. The broker is responsible for showcasing a ship for sale to potential buyers, negotiating the terms of the sale or lease, finalising all the details of the sale and ensuring that nothing goes wrong till the deal reaches its conclusion. Many ship brokers also offer market intelligence to their clients. To be a ship broker, a person should have good contacts with people around the world as well as in the shipping industry. The person should have the ability to work and get on with people from any type of background.

Waterslide Tester

Yes, such a job exists. Just ask Tommy Lynch, who is employed by UK’s First Choice, a leisure and travel company. A waterslide tester will have to travel round the world testing waterslides of varying heights and speeds. This job could involve travelling to different locations where the tester has to also consider safety and water quantity. It may sound like a fun job, but also requires the person to be a careful observer and tester.

Food Tester

Being a food tester requires a person to get trained as one. In fact, there are many food businesses that actually hire and then train candidates as food testers. For instance, Godiva has a dedicated team of food testers, whose sole responsibility is to taste Godiva chocolates and ensure that these chocolates are up to the standard that customers expect from a company like Godiva. It is not easy becoming a food tester, but once a person becomes one, he or she can expect a fantastic salary package.

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