How To Get A Job That Doesn’t Require A Background Check

For people who know that a background check will turn out unsavory information about their past, finding a job can be an absolute nightmare. 73% of businesses in the US conduct at least a criminal background check for all positions, so finding a job that either don’t ask or doesn’t care can be difficult. For those with a checkered past that are trying to improve themselves and reintegrate with society, job trouble can be disastrous for their self-esteem. By applying for a job without a background check, such a person can build up experience and show that they aren’t who they used to be and are much more than just a sum of their indiscretions.

Apply for jobs in small businesses

Small businesses often don’t require background checks, and if you wish to divulge information about yourself you are more likely to be able to explain your situation to your employer in a friendly environment. A top tip is to be honest. Even if a job doesn’t require you to divulge the information, being honest builds trust. If it’s a place you want to be for a long time – be honest about yourself.


Try working off the cuff by being creative and selling your work freelance. If you work writing articles, doing web design or through some other creative outlet, you can often be hired as a freelancer and not go through the same rigours as an in-house employee. Working paycheck to paycheck can be difficult, but if you work hard you can make a living on your own terms.


Don’t completely rule out jobs that do require background checks

Don’t automatically think that just because you have a record means that you cannot find a job. The severity of what is on your record is often important. A misdemeanor can often be explained away at an interview, and then maybe even expunged from your record at a later date. If you have a felony on your record that you know will adversely affect you, sometimes you just have to think ‘so what’. If you’re the best person for the job, you should be hired. The worse that can happen if you’re back where you started.

Work for yourself

If you think you won’t be able to find a job because of items on a background check, then work for the only person who doesn’t care: yourself. By setting up your own business and working for yourself, you won’t have to answer to anyone about your past and if you work hard you can still be successful. It may seem like an extreme option, but if you’ve always aspired to work for yourself maybe in your case sooner is better than later.

It is not a foolproof way to ensure your past doesn’t catch up with you. For example, if the fact that you committed a felony comes to light, it may adversely affect your business. But at least

Don’t give up hope

If you are determined to change your ways, then you will. People may discriminate against you and doubt your because of your past, but if you never doubt yourself you can get back on the path again. Just keep trying: eventually you will find a place that will judge you for the person you are not the things you have done.

By author Endre Rex-Kiss, writing on behalf of FidelisAM in this instance. FidelisAM offers various background checking services, including but not limited to resident screening and tenant screening. Be sure to check them out!

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