Five Guidelines to Productivity

Productivity, in this case personal productivity, is a measure of the amount of accomplishment per unit of time. A person who does more in the same amount of time than another is considered more productive. Once a person understands time management, and has mastered the use of time, their productivity will increase. The five most important tips to increase one’s productivity will yield superior benefit and greater return in time investments.

Start Small

Nothing kills a productive spurt more than biting off more than one can chew. When you keep things small, you are able to keep better track of results. Large projects can be broken up into smaller tasks to be more effective.

Be Consistent

The greatest production model developed since the agricultural revolution is the development of the assembly line, the reason why the assembly line is productive is because each stage does the same task repeatedly and consistently. Large gains can be gained by doing small similar tasks, repeatedly. This is the efficiency of scale.

Have A Routine

Similar to the ability to be consistent, a separate yet related tip is to be on a routine. The routine can be set hourly, daily or whatever else time interval that is called for. The benefit is that the mind gets into a practice of anticipating the task and mentally preparing for it subconsciously.

Reject Others

Having a schedule and being productive requires an essential trait of being able to reject other demands on one’s time. The ability to saw No is more an art than it is a science. Most people are eager to oblige and while it may be polite and neighborly to do so, it is very unproductive. Being kind to a person should not get in the way of being productive. Turn off your phone, close Facebook, and close the door if your realy want to get stuff done.


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Break All Rules

Rules are derived for one purpose and one purpose alone; to synthesize the good habits from the bad. It serves to tell the uninitiated the guidelines they need to keep so as to not make mistakes. However, the use of all rules soon wears its welcome as the person out grows them and is able to improve on the productivity according to their own habits and abilities. At this point the rules no longer apply and in fact, may actually impede the progress.

These five unconventional tips are simple and straight forward requiring no external device to keep track unlike a Gantt chart or a paper or electronic calendar. These are tips that will promote an increase in your productivity.

The writer, Harri Jussila, is the managing editor of the productivity blog Time Management Solutions. At his site he focuses especially on time management and stress management related matters. Another interest area he is passionate about is discovering your true goals in life.

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