Finding a Job While You’re Still Employed

As the economy continues to improve and employers begin hiring again, more and more people are considering leaving their current positions in search of new jobs. But how can you find a new job while still working for your current employer? It’s easier than you might think.

As of January, 79 percent of employees were planning to look for new jobs when the economy improves, according to the most recent FPC Workplace Web Poll. That’s because most employees don’t think they have a lot of advancement opportunity in their current position, and many others feel they were treated unfairly by their employer during tough economic times.

If you’re ready to quit your current job and pursue a new opportunity, it’s important to have all of your ducks in a row first. The worst thing you can do is jump the gun and end up with no work, no pay, and too much free time.

First, you should network with people that you know and trust. Whether you’re doing it via social media or face-to-face at in-person events, networking is still one of the best ways to find a job. However, be selective with who you tell that you’re looking for work, because telling the wrong person and having it get back to your current employer can make your life more difficult than necessary.

Second, make job searching your second job. If you’re really serious about finding a new position, you should be spending all of your free time doing so. Finding a job can be a full-time job in and of itself, so you should take it seriously. Also, make sure you never search for a new job while at your current position, because that could come back to haunt you.

Third, make sure everything is in order before you tell your employer you’re quitting. At the very least, you should have a formal resignation letter written, and be prepared to give two weeks notice (you may decide to give less or more notice, depending on your position and how long you think it will take to transition). You should also have a list of everything you’ve been working on, complete with directions for the next person who will take over the project after you leave.

If you do all of these things – and you do them properly and thoroughly – you should be able to find a new position before quitting your current job in no time. You’ll be able to make an easier and smoother transition, with little to no blowback from your current employer.

So if quitting your current job is holding you back from finding a better position, fret no more, and join the majority of people who are looking for work today.

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  1. This article is good. Currently employed nowadays would be aware of this before they decided to quit their job. I’ve already experienced quitting my first job without any job next in line to me. I quit the job because of the time frame of the work, and the attitude of my boss, so without thinking where will I go after I quit, so I resigned, and afterwards I was unemployed for more than one month, it’s very boring just to stay in the house waiting for call or text for an interview schedule or if you are already hired for the job. with this it is very hard because everyday you spend for your food without earning, so your savings will be lessen. So I agree with this article that before you decided to quit your current job, might as well find another job first.

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