Do Staffing Firms Ever Target College Grads?

College graduates saturate the job market right now; over-educated, under-hired young people who have so much insight and energy to offer are often times being pegged as overlooked. Some companies may not see the value or have the time to sift through the endless college applicants.  Couple the vast pool of college graduates vying for a job, with the already escalating number of seasoned professionals and a company may be overwhelmed and unsure of whom to hire and turn to staffing firms to alleviate the pressure.

So the question becomes do Staffing firms ever tap into this pool of eager college graduates?  The answer is yes, in fact, many hiring companies may be willing or even eager to tap into the pool of vast college grads to work for them.  Whether it is to inject more energy, get new perspectives, or simply that they find it easier to train a recent grad.  Many companies may actually prefer a college grad over a seasoned veteran.

However, staffing firms know whether or not a recent grad would be suitable for a company looking to hire for an executive or mid management position.  Often times the hiring company will let the staffing firm know they are open to interviewing college grads.  However, the grads usually already have experience through internships, part time, or even full time work that they have done while in school.  Since many students score big internships with the likes of fortune 500 companies, this experience can be proven to be valuable for their post graduate careers.  In other cases students may have worked part time or full time at companies while attending school, acquiring the experience needed to land their first job after graduation.  All of these scenarios are taken into account.

Hiring companies often times see the value of adding fresh new talent that they can mold and let flourish within the company.  Often times they are groomed for upper management positions and seen as the future of the company.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for a staffing firm to approach recent graduates that excelled in the classroom, as well as in the boardroom, while obtaining their degrees.  Companies are often times looking at the long term and staffing firms understand this.   So when a company is willing to consider recent graduates to fill a job vacancy, a staffing firm is given the green light to choose among seasoned veterans as well as fresh faces, to choose the right candidates.

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  1. Joe Corombo says:

    I am starting a new service that caters to the insurance staffing company industry. Does anyone know where I can source a list of these companies?

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