Do Happy Employees Produce Great Results?

It is true when a person is happy they excel. When you feel good you want to make others feel good too. This holds true in the work place as well. When your employees feel appreciated they tend to go above and beyond what is expected of them. For the employer this means more productivity and a bigger bottom line.

So how do you get your employees to feel good? It is easier than you may imagine. Sure there will be some out of pocket expense to you but in return you will enjoy the benefits of a calm and productive work place as well as an increase in your wallet.


When an employer acknowledges that an employee has worked hard it pays off. People really just want to be appreciated, not taken advantage of. So if you pay a compliment here and there instead of focusing on the minor faults of the person, you will see that person enjoy coming to work and they will be more productive than ever before.


These are both feared and expected by the employee. The next time you have your evaluations change it up a bit. Start the meeting by expressing your appreciation for their continued service to your company. Go over their strengths and assets. This gives the employee a sense of purpose. Once you have allowed them a few minutes of feeling great, then you can also let them know, in a professional manner, areas in which they need to improve. By first acknowledging that they are doing a good job you are allowing them to relax. Then when you announce what areas they need work in you are apt to get the seal of approval.


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Benefits Package:

Employees are people too. They understand that they need to work hard in order to get a raise or climb the corporate ladder. With that said they also want to know that they are working towards retirement one day. A person that has something to look forward to upon retiring such as a 401(k), pension plan and severance pay, will work harder.


Nothing makes an employee feel good better than a few perks. It does not have to be anything big from the start. You can announce that if sales get to a certain level that you will offer a bonus at the end of the year. Believe it or not things like having a lunch on you once a month, remembering and celebrating an employee’s birthday or an early dismissal on a slow Friday goes a long way to keeping the staff happy.

Most employees do not need a huge benefits package to make them work better and feel good, they just want their employer to appreciate their work and acknowledge their presence. A few minutes a day of encouragement can go a long way to increasing your bottom line, proving that happy employees do offer your company a lot more benefits than unhappy workers.


Often overlooked, team building can be an integral part of a successful business. While benefits, compensation and recognition for achievement can go a long way in improving the productivity of a team, allowing team members to bond can dramatically increase productivity as well.

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