Career Advice for Reigniting the Passion for Your Job

Everyone may come to that point in their jobs where career advice becomes necessary for reinvigorating passion and injecting some enthusiasm for the job. You may feel a bit guilty when you get to the point of your career that you’re just not feeling it anymore, but it’s a lot more common than you think. Be it career advice for graduates or established careerists, sometimes lethargy just sets in and we feel helpless to pull ourselves out of it. What brings about this feeling can be any number of things, but most often it is that feeling that the grass is greener on the other side; don’t fall for this trap. We should always endeavour to traverse every avenue possible before making a potentially life changing decision that we cannot take back. Take this career advice into consideration; London is a highly competitive city when it comes to job searching so rather make the most of what you have instead of hoping for better.

Take Stock of the Circumstance

The first piece of career advice you’ll want to follow is to quiz yourself on what it is you currently have going. Take stock of your current circumstance; is there an opportunity to gain skills in this current job that may better your life in the long run? This question enough should answer your desire to stay or leave; while you may be feeling a bit stagnant at the moment, if there is still a chance to learn new things then for your own self improvement it’s not a good idea to leave – this career advice applies doubly so for young people who have yet to gather skills.

Slow Yourself Down

Most online career advice articles will hope to better your performance, but ironically becoming a great achiever can lead to your own boredom latter down the line when you’re burnt out and have no motivation to go further. Now we’re not suggesting you should sabotage yourself, but shifting into a lower gear can give you some breathing space. Take a week to just slow burn yourself and take pressure off yourself; as long as you’re clocking in your hours, few will notice and you’ll have more time and less regret in order to gather perspective.

Look Deep Inside Yourself

The final piece of career advice, one found that many try to share on forums and articles but have a hard time verbalising, is that without meaning in your current circumstance you’ll likely not be able to see the value of where you are. Remembering what your motivations were for having the job you currently have go a long way in helping you rediscover that passion you likely had to begin with. Now you may think you need to step back and see the bigger picture to realise this but often enough it’s easier enough to think smaller; reconnect with yourself, this is the best piece of career advice you’ll ever receive.

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Eugene Calvini is a writer and career consultant with experience in office space Liverpool, London and worldwide; he enjoys sharing insight and tips for careerists.

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