Applying for a Job but Your Criminal Record is Weighing You Down?

You’re already suffering the consequences of your crime, however petty it may be. You can’t apply for a loan. No financing company wants your application. You can’t look for an apartment in a decent neighborhood. Landlords are wary of you. You can’t even land a job. Employers always do background checks on applicants, and your criminal record is weighing you down. However, even if you have a criminal record, you can still apply for a decent job. Nothing is impossible if you know what to do next.

Still in Prison?

If you’re still in prison and you’re planning to start over when you get out, then you need to prepare now. What you can do is to complete your education. There are online classes that you can take, and there are also vocational training courses that you can choose from. The important thing is that you’ll get out of prison prepared and have the necessary skills to land a job.

Released from Prison?

On the other hand, if you’re already released from prison and you’re having a hard time looking for a job, then what you can do is to get more training and develop more skills. There are vocational programs hosted by different government agencies as well as private organizations, and you can take advantage of these opportunities to develop skills for a particular job. For example you’re good with cars, then choose vocational programs that teach car repair, car maintenance, car modification courses, etc.

Be Very Realistic

While it’s grand to dream of landing a good job, you have to be very realistic. Your criminal record will automatically disqualify you from certain positions. Say for example you were convicted of a sex crime, then naturally no company that involves children and women will want to hire you. After all, your criminal record will drag you down, and no employer will want to hire someone who’s been convicted of hurting women and children. For this reason, you need to focus on job opportunities that will suit you, your skills, and, of course, your criminal record. Do some research; there’s bound to be a few jobs that will fit you.

Be Honest

Let’s say one of the companies that you’ve applied to asked you to come in for an interview, then you need to be honest about your past. They’ve probably already done a background check on you and found your criminal record, so why hide it if they ask about your crime? If they still haven’t done any background checks, then they’ll surely ask you if you’ve been convicted of any crime. They’re going to know anyway once they begin screening the list of the potential employees, so be upfront about your criminal record. If they asked about the circumstances behind the record and conviction, then give them honest answers. They’ll appreciate an honest man than someone who’ll lie and hide his past just so he could get the job.

Having a criminal record is difficult, but if you’re an honest and hardworking man, then what’s stopping you from starting over again? Starting from scratch is better than letting your criminal record stop you from living a better life.

Jennifer Daley writes forĀ MA Attorney Elliot Savitz. Through this article, she hopes to remind people who have criminal records that life won’t stop just because you’ve been convicted of a crime. There’s always the opportunity to start over again.

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