Advice On How To Become A Doctor

A lot of people want to know how to become a doctor. Well, it must be noted that becoming a doctor takes great dedication and perseverance. It involves rigorous training, expensive tuition, and years of studying to attain the required qualification for this noble profession. The work of doctors has been referred to as a ‘calling’. Doctors must love what they do because people’s lives are in their hands. They can be subjected to erratic work hours and must be ready to respond whenever they are needed, regardless of the time of day. Nevertheless, it a doable goal, as has been proven with the evidence of numerous doctors all over the world.

Becoming a doctor also depends on one’s major in school. Students are generally grouped as either arts students or science students. Arts students excel in subjects such as literature and history whereas science students do very well in biology, chemistry and mathematics. The science subjects are required for all medical professions and therefore if one’s interests or strengths do not lie in science subjects, it can be a challenge for them to excel in the required prerequisites for medical school. This is where people must start from in answering the question of how to be a doctor. This can be a deciding factor whether they want to take on medical education and become a doctor or not.


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Secondly, one must figure out the type of doctor they want to become, and familiarize themselves with what those doctors do in terms of work procedures and time schedules. People who are considering this profession can volunteer their services at a hospital, a doctor’s office or a medical research center just to become acquainted with the practical side of the medicine. If after this volunteer work, one is determined that becoming a doctor is definitely for them, then they should proceed with their vision.

Becoming a doctor requires an acceptance into a medical university or school. This will greatly depend on the coursework undertaken and the grades attained in college. It is advisable to choose a college or university that offers a pre-med program and complete a 4-year degree curriculum in the science subjects as well as English and Calculus. After the degree course, one must take a medical school admissions test and attain a passing grade before they will be accepted to study medicine in a medical college. The advice here is to study and practice as much as possible because this will make or break the dream of becoming a doctor.

After passing the admissions test, then comes choosing a reputable medical university. A lot of people, especially those from third world countries choose to get their medical education from foreign countries, and many travel to study medicine in Russia or Germany where they have excellent medical schools. The tenure of medical school itself is four years, after which graduated doctors take up a year of internship in a hospital before beginning their residency. The residency is technically a training period, but the fresh out-of-school doctors receive a salary as well.

Gaining admission into a medical college is not easy and a lot of people have to apply several times. One way to pave the way for a successful medical school application is to gain experience in the medical research field. People must also maximize their chances of acceptance by applying to several schools. It also helps to gain a masters degree in medical science, as this will set the student apart in gaining admission to study medicine.

Adelyn Tan writes advice for students who are pursuing a medical degree or interested to attend a medical university.

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