5 Great Private Sector Jobs for Veterans

After serving their country, and returning to civilian life, veterans often decide to seek work in the private sector. Veterans offer a wide variety of skills and experiences that are beneficial to many careers. There are some careers that can truly take advantage of what veterans learned in the military. Explore 5 great jobs in the private sector that veterans should consider. These not only take into account their skills, but also pay well, and have an excellent future.

Systems Analyst

An IT related career option for veterans is working as a systems analyst. As people in the military often get technical training, or have technical aptitude, this might work well for them. Systems analysts are responsible for developing computer systems. They must know about every part of the computer system and how each part works together. In addition, after evaluating the computer information and system requirements, they must be able to then explain them to software developers .Veterans with a bit picture view of things and an understanding of computers will do well in this position.

Helicopter Pilot

Working as a professional helicopter pilot is another excellent option for veterans. Some veterans may have even had experience flying helicopters in the military. It requires the ability to stay calm under pressure, dedication, and hard work. Veterans that choose a career as a helicopter pilot may work in a multitude of industries, including sightseeing, agriculture, and offshore support. This is an exciting career that can be lucrative. Salaries vary widely but tend to be quite comfortable.

Equipment Maintenance

Working in equipment maintenance will be a familiar role for many veterans. It’s possible to take that experience from the military and instead work at it in the private sector. This can mean maintaining 18 wheel trucks or other similar equipment. There is always work in this field and it is stable and steady. In addition, they typically offer good benefits.

Armed Security Officer

Careers in the security field can be a private sector career option for veterans. One such type of position is working as armed security officers. They guard people or property in order to prevent harm, theft, or trespassing. The difference between standard security officers and armed security officers is that the latter are licensed and allowed to carry a firearm during work. Working as standard security officers is an option but typically armed security officers make more money and often the assignments are more interesting.

Management Consultant

An excellent option for veterans is a career as management consultants. This is a lucrative and interesting field that has a high job satisfaction rate. Management consultants work with companies to identify problems and then to also find solutions to those problems. Depending on the position, this might mean consulting on a large issue or one small particular issue. This is a position of action. Management consultants are people that solve problems and analyzers. Just as with the military, management consultants may have to sacrifice some time with family and friends as the hours tend to be long.

Jack Lewis is a veteran and guest author at OnlineMilitaryEducation.org, where he has contributed to the guide to the best online colleges for military and G.I. Bill, which you can see here.

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