10 Indispensable Tips For Avoiding Accidents In The Workplace

An accident at work is a very serious concern for those who depend on the their salary to survive. Whilst accidents can never be predicted outright, there are steps to take to prevent them. In the article below, we look at ten simple steps for avoiding accidents in the work place.

1. Risk Assessment

No matter what your job, always take a moment to ask your supervisor about the potential risks to your safety. A good boss will be happy to talk about measures you can take to protect yourself and others in the course of a day’s work.

2. Listen to Emergency Protocol

Whilst many people switch off during drills about fire safety and other emergencies, failing to pay attention to these talks increases the likelihood that you will be caught unawares in a dangerous situation. Don’t rely on being able to follow others, take responsibility for your own safety.

3. Follow Procedure

Every work place should have a number of programmes implemented for keeping the workforce safe. Your employer is responsible for your well-being and should be happy to provide literature or talks on how to protect yourself and others in the course of your job.

4. Be Alert

Whether you work on a building site or in an office, it pays to be aware of what is going on in the environment around you. Not only can this increased attentiveness put you in line for a promotion, those who are sleepy or distracted in the work place are three times more likely to come to harm.

5. Be a Whistle Blower

Often the causes of accidents are spotted long before disaster but go unmentioned by employees reluctant to make a fuss. If you see signs of possible danger, always report it to the relevant authority.

6. Wear Your Uniform

Those working in industrial environments, factories or on building sites need to be vigilant when it comes to adequate work wear. Uniforms aren’t just about being easily identified by others, in many cases they are about personal protection. Be safe, be sartorially aware.

Safety Tips

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7. Get Training

In the current financial climate in which people are keen to keep their jobs, it can be difficult to say no to the boss. However, taking on a high-risk job that you don’t have suitable training for can cause serious consequences throughout the work place for yourself and others. Never take on duties that you are not capable of without adequate preparation and training.

8. Read the Signs

Although it is primarily the duty of your employer to place relevant literature and posters about the work place, if you identify an area of danger you believe requires highlighting, bring it to the attention of your manager. Information should be made highly visible at all times.

9. Workplace Watch

Teams can be assembled in the workplace to keep track of team will be potential hazards in the work place. By helping to continually develop rules workforces can help to take responsibility for themselves.

10. People Before Profit

Profit may be the driving force for any company but this is no excuse to expose their workers to danger. Many precautionary measures can be taken by employers and employees alike, with many future accidents happily avoided.

This article was provided by CK Claims – Manchester’s workplace accident claim specialists.

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