Three Tips for an Easy Transition from Paramedic to RN

The world of emergency health professionals, such as EMT’s and paramedics is a demanding one. Not only are there long hours, but these professionals are placed in risky situations and expected to save lives under stressful circumstances. While this career is incredibly rewarding, many people who enter this field begin to look toward paramedic to RN programs to help them expand their medical career while getting out of the danger delivered to them in the emergency line of work. Still, because of the difficulties of this position, finding time to attend classes and advance careers may be difficult.

If you are considering advancing your emergency medical career to become a nurse, here are a few tips to make the transition easier.

1. Look for a nursing degree online.

This is an option that may people do not consider simply because of the nature of the education. However, many emergency personnel are finding that taking online paramedic to RN courses is easier than attending the traditional classroom. Not only can this style of learning make odd hours easier to cope with, but it can also lend itself to allow students to spend more time at home and with their families.

2. Engage with the material.

By taking classes either in the traditional setting or through the Internet, students should work hard to engage as much as possible with the material. While it can feel easier to simply blow through the course and achieve a passing grade without actually absorbing information, this will ultimately hurt you in the long run. Instead, focus on the curriculum and do what you need to get a deep understanding of the material. In other courses and your career, you will likely need to lean on this information to understand new material. Without an initial deep understanding, you will struggle in the long run when trying to learn even more advanced curriculum.


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3. Reach out to fellow students for help.

Starting a study group or taking advantage of question and answer forums in the web-based setting is important. These groups will allow you to get a faster response time from other students and to find out answers to questions you may not have known you had. By engaging with other students, as well as the material, you will have more resources to help you understand the course better and allow you to pass. You will also have people to reach out to at odd hours for more help—times when professors may not be available.

In the field of emergency medicine, time is not always easy to come by. This is especially the case when balancing a job and family. Use classes offered through The College Network, for example, and other online resources can help you advance your education and move to a new career.

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