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When decisions have to be made as to what to study at university or which new job to re-train for as a career-change, finding a job that will offer security is more difficult than ever. Even the government’s prediction that private sector jobs would increase to provide secure employment for jobs lost with public sector cuts has yet to be realised. Therefore, with little stability in the current employment market, identifying job shortages in the UK is probably the best way to identify the more secure job opportunities.

Shortage of Roles within Healthcare and Related Professions

There is a shortage of a number of health and related professionals, including doctors, nurses and social workers. It was reported last year that the NHS had a shortage of family doctors, with some doctors caring for as many as 9000 patients. Although the number of qualifying doctors remains stable, many doctors now remain in hospital settings rather than moving into communities.

A number of community GPs are also planning on retiring in the next two years and the aging NHS workforce is also creating demand for nursing jobs, particularly those with a specialism such as neonatal nursing.

Within twelve months there has been an increase of 40% of non-British nationals filling nursing posts in NHS hospitals to meet the nursing shortage in many hospitals. It is predicted that this shortage of nurses will also impact upon the care of the elderly. This year, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) reported discrepancies between the nursing care of children, adults and the elderly. The RCN also commented that the care of the elderly may be compromised because there are more healthcare assistants than nurses on elderly wards.

Many social worker posts across the UK remain unfilled and unfortunately this shortage of social workers will probably lead to many more serious cases of abuse and neglect amongst the at-risk population.


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Teaching Opportunities

For those who may be considering training, or re-training to teach, then the UK is short of teachers for maths, physics and chemistry. There may also be additional bursaries for those who decide to train for one of these secure posts and the advantage of a teaching qualification is that it allows holders to teach in schools, at colleges or within the private education system.


Other occupations that are fall under the government approved shortage occupation list include roles within physics, geology and meteorology. For those who are qualified as hydro geologists, geoscientists and environmental scientists, there are vacancies available.

Even with increased investment in the UK engineering sector, there are still significant shortages of engineers. Anyone with a chemical engineering qualification will have no problem finding a secure job as there are now so many vacancies within this specialism. There are also shortages of civil engineers with specialist knowledge of reservoirs, soil mechanics, tunnels and offshore engineering. For those engineers who are mechanical, electrical or indeed any other type of engineer, there is also an abundance of jobs available.

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